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Got an antique Sears Roebuck wood burning stove for my off grid living camper.

December 2nd, 2011


I just got an antique Sears Roebuck & Co wood burning stove for $10. On the front plate it shows the company name and then "No Hot Pot 30A". Guess that is the model number. It only stands 2 feet high. It has a 2 burner cooking top and a water boiler around the burning chamber.


This stove will be perfect for my off grid living project this winter. Now I can have heat and hot water at the same time. And cook my food.


This wood stove will be installed in my new off grid living camper tomorrow. I will show photos when it is done. I was waiting for a wood stove before I finish patching up the ceiling. No point in ripping it all apart twice. Now I can finish two projects in one.


The two cooking plates are on top. There are two water nozzles on the side of the stove. Water runs all the way around the outside of the burning chamber to heat it up. This will make an awesome heater for my hot water.


It was sunny today so I took the stove outside and gave it all a coat of wood stove paint inside and out so it will last longer. It looks like it has hardly ever been used anyway, but I want it to last.


Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again so I will put it all together and take some photos of my new (antique) wood stove in my off grid living camper. I am one step closer to full independence.

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