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Car Hydrogen Booster - O2 Sensor Extender Results

I installed a DIY Oxygen Sensor Extender in my old Honda a couple weeks ago and here are the results:




Absolutely no change at all in anything. So, it seems that all those claims of using an oxygen sensor extender to gain fuel economy when used with a H2O Booster are just meant to make sales.


I bought a pack of spark plug anti fouler adapters and drilled out the center of one of them as instructed. I had to cut the wires to my O2 sensor in order to get a socket around the device and remove it. That doesnt matter anyway because in a future experiment, I will try the EFIE enhancer experiment.


So, after mounting the thing all together, nothing at all changed with my engine.


The idea of an O2 extender seems like a waste of time and money. But I had to try it and see what would happen. I am trying all the various ideas for myself and posting the results on this blog for others to learn from.


Next up is the MAP sensor enhancer.

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