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Testing begins on my hew homemade hydrogen booster

I have installed a DIY hydrogen booster in my 91 Honda Accord to see what kind of benefits I can get from it. My first week results were interesting.

Hydrogen Booster installed in a Honda Accord

First, there was no real difference. After a few miles of driving, the engine sort of started to smooth out. It just ran better and smoother. Really amazing. I have never had a car run as smooth as this one. Before it did run well, but now it runs very well.

After the first two days the lid unscrewed itself a bit, so I opened it up and found a rusty mess inside. This was no surprise and was expected because I had sanded all the stainless steel metal plates inside before putting them together. This gives a greater surface area and allows the gas bubbles to escape better. Anyway, even after washing, there are still tiny particles left on the plates.




Rusty plates after a couple days of use

Hydrogen Booster water rusty after 2 days

This was a homemade hydrogen booster to improve power and gas mileage in my car. I used simple materials from the local hardware store. Most of the parts are from the plumbing section.

So, I changed the water and put it all back together for some more testing.

After a week of driving, it was time to fill up the tank. I saw only a 5% increase in gas mileage. Nothing spectacular, but with no other changes to the system, this is certainly a surprise. I did not expect to see any gain without modifying the engine or computer somehow.

More to come....

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