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Make A Free Fence Post Puller From Scrap Materials

I made a very simple and nearly free fence post puller using scrap wood I had around. This device pulls out T posts and small wood posts with ease and in mere seconds per post.

I used oak boards left over from pallets that I had taken apart. This made it rugged and long lasting.


The only part I bought was a 7 inch bolt that I did not have around the property. Otherwise this is a totally free project that I built in about 15 minutes.


Homemade fence post puller


Parts needed for this project:


2 oak boards about 4 feet long (or cut out from pallet)

1 lever about 4 feet long

1 bolt for hinge

2 fender washers

1 nut

1 base board

1 eye bolt

5 three inch long screws


Tools needed:


Circular saw

Power drill

3/8 inch (or appropriate sized) spade bit







I cut the oak pallet to fit my needs, keeping one of the frame supports in place as a foot.


Next I found a piece of old 3x3 lumber that I will use as a lever. This part is pine but it is old heart wood and very strong. I cut this to fit my needs.


I drilled through all the boards using a spade bit. Then I pushed the bolt through the hole and screwed the nut on loosely. You do not want this nut too tight or the lever will not turn freely.


Last I screwed on a square piece of 12x12 board that I had laying around as a base to hold the entire thing up.


I drilled a hole through the short end of the lever and pushed an eye bolt through. This will hold the chain which pulls the fence posts out of the ground.


Trying Homemade T Fence Post Puller


Out in the feild this homemade fence post puller performed very well. It pulls out the T posts with ease. I later changed it a bit by adding a bolt that goes through a hole in the T post. Then I attach the chain to the bolt and remove the fence post in seconds.


This saves me much time and work. And the project was nearly free.


Watch the entire video on my YouTube channel here: Making Free Fence Post Puller & Test Results

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