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How I beat the allergy season this year so far

I used to get sick all the time when I was younger. I was allergic to almost everything. Just about all palnts and animals and most fresh fruits and vegetables. Through the years I started to realize that I can change this myself through healthy eating and living. Here is my story.


I was often in the hospital as a kid with some sort of illness. I was sick all the time. I remember growing up that I would get the flu about 7 times per year with colds mixed in between.


My immune system was weak and I had horrible allergies. I had constant runny nose, sneezing, watery and itching eyes and more. My throat would get itchy and swollen. During the spring pollen season things were the worst. My eyes would swell up like golf balls and itch like mad. I was sneezing all the time non stop. The allergist said that the best thing I could do is go out on a boat in the ocean far from land and away from any living thing.


I grew up surrounded by farm fields on all four sides. I was being constantly bombarded with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and pollen galore. I believe this weakened my immune system.





Sitting In A Meadow Full Of Weeds And Plants



I also ate a lot of frozen heat and eat meals plus fast food while growing up. Even after graduation and moving out on my own I continued a diet of mostly fast foods and heat and eat chemically loaded foods. There was not much natural in my diet at all. I was allergic to non cooked foods anyway.


One day while walking the streets of Germany I found an organic bananna. These were one of the worst foods I could eat. Bananas made me sick for three days. I had the sudden idea to try one. I did not get sick.


Generally when I eat some fresh fruits and vegetables I get a horrible itching throat and mouth and swollen lips and tongue. I later learned that this is due to the pesticides used while growing the foods.


Apples, bananas and corn were my worst enemies. I still get very sick if I eat a non organic fruit smothered in pesticides. So I avoid them.


I switched to organic fruits and have had no ill effects since.





I also learned about healthy eating. I learned about reducing the chemical intake in my diet. I learned about artificial ingredients in food and what it can do to our bodies.


I started to eliminate the artificial ingredients, colors, flavors and preservatives in my food as much as possible. It is hard to totally eminate this stuff from our diet unless you have a lot of money but you can greatly reduce your intake of chemicals.


Chemicals are basically poisons. We are eating poison every day and just dont think about it. When a chemical is tested for safety in food, is it given to lab animals in tiny doses. The company tests an average dose of the chemical based on how often you would eat their food in a month or year. But we are loaded with chemicals now from nearly all food manufacturers and it builds up in our systems. In the early days it was not as bad because the chemicals were not as common and out bodies were able to handle and dispose of them. But with so much being taken in these days we get overloaded. Our bodies start to actually store them up in fat. Our immune systems can become weakened.


Once I reduced the chemical intake in my diet I started to see an improvement in my health. Each passing year I had fewer illnesses. Each year my allergies were also lessened a little bit.


Eventually I went from being sick all the time to only getting sick once in a while.


But I had allergies during the pollen season. I wanted to beat the sneezing, runny nose and watery, itching eyes.


A friend of mine from YouTube, Timothy Carey recently told me about bee pollen at the health food stores. He told me you can build up an immunity to the local pollens by eating local bee pollen. I started taking a teaspoon a day about a month before the pollen season set in.


We are just about nearing the end of the pollen season and I only sneezed a few times this year total. I did not have the runny nose and itching eyes at all.


I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am not prescribing any medicine. I am only sharing my own experience with you. By reducing chemicals in my diet my immune system got stronger. This makes sense.


By eating bee pollen I beat the allergy season so far this year. I believe this is in combination with the reduced chemical intake or I do not think it would have worked as well for me.


By avoiding pesticides in my fruits and vegetables I feel better than ever in my life.


Again, I am not a doctor. I am not telling you that this is some miracle cure. I am only sharing my own experiences with you in hopes that others may be able to experience the same thing.


I do believe that a reduced chemical intake can only do us good an no harm anyway.


See the video of me sitting in the meadow surrounded by pollen producing weeds and plants:  How I Beat The Allergy Season This Year

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