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Benefits of Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Versus Table Salt

There is much discussion lately about the benefits of Himalayan rock salt (that pink stuff) and why it is so much healthier than table salt.  At The Off Grid Homestead, Himalayan salt is the standard due not only because of all of its positive aspects but also due to its organic superiority.




First things first . . . why go Himalayan?  It has been said that the pink salt contains 84 minerals, most notably sodium chloride with trace elements of magnesium, potassium, sulphate, calcium, fluoride, bromide, borate, iodine, zinc, copper, selenium, boron, strontium and bicarbonate (just to name a few).  These minerals are necessary for the health, and proper function, of the human body.  They help to regulate pH, blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure (keep in mind, however, that too much sodium has the opposite effect).  This salt can also reduce toxins, increase hydration and improve circulation.

These benefits can be harvested, so to speak, in a variety of ways outside of simply sprinkling it on dinner.  The rock salt can be added to a bath for the detoxification by pouring in about 2 pounds of salt for every 26 to 32 gallons of water and keeping the temperature at the same level as the body’s, so about 97 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a lamp, it provides air purification, and it can also be the solution in a neti pot.  You can make what is called salt sole, basically the salt mixed with water and kept in a jar, which you then take in small doses once a day as a detox and rejuvenation elixir.  I use a variation of this and add the salt to water that I drink when sweating to replace the minerals lost through the sweat and help prevent heat sickness.  It also works as a headache treatment when placed under the tongue.  Some people like to just use it as a decoration in a vase, jar or bowl.   




What makes this type of salt so beneficial?  It is naturally harvested and completely organic…nothing added, nothing taken away, nothing changed…and it is hand-mined. Because it has been protected by snow, ice and even lava over many years, it remains untouched by the toxins that are absorbed into most of our other foods. 

In contrast, table salt is mined with dynamite and has been bleached, the minerals have been removed and additives put in to prevent clumping.  Because of this, what’s left is 99% sodium chloride in an unnatural form and more sodium in a teaspoon of regular table salt than there is in Himalayan.  Considering that many people eat nearly 4 times the amount of salt that they should, this is no small matter.  Too much sodium is linked to stomach cancer, osteoporosis, and, of course, high blood pressure.  One of the additives is also a known cause of Alzheimer’s.

The real question now becomes why not go Himalayan?  Join The Do It Yourself World and the Off Grid Project in this simple, healthy lifestyle change.


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