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Camping Advice To Make Your Next Journey Great

Use old recipe books as a resource when going camping. Campers often find that they grow weary of hot dogs and hamburgers. Try to mix up what you eat. Print out recipes that are amenable to outdoor preparation to prevent your meals from being boring. Be sure to bring any spices or seasonings you particularly enjoy.

Camping has the potential to be thrilling or hazardous, depending on your level of preparation. Without proper preparation, a camping trip can turn into a disaster. If you are camping in a new location, research the local wildlife, geography and the climate before leaving home.

Camping is something that can relax you, or you may find yourself enduring a trip that isn't so great. The type of experience you'll have depends on the type of preparation you do. If you are able to think ahead about what you might come across, and protect yourself against it, you will have a great time camping.

You can make lifelong friends through camping. So be social, and get out and meet your neighbors in the campground. Camping can be an extremely social event. You are really missing out if you do not try to make some new friends on your camping trip.

Plenty of sunscreen should be packed. It is vital that you protect your delicate skin from the sun's rays. Purchase a sunscreen that will provide you with optimal sun protection. Ideally, look for a type of sunscreen that will protect you from bugs. This will keep you from putting too many chemicals on your body.

Make sure your sleeping bag is appropriate for the location. If its winter, use a heavy-weight bag and use a light-weight one in the summer. Make sure that your sleeping bag hugs your body. You want to be able to retain body heat.

Dress in layers on your camping trip. Weather can change on a dime. It may be very cold in the morning, but the afternoon can be blistering hot. It can get really chilly again when the sun starts going down. Layering helps you to adjust how you're dressed and stay comfortable.




Plan ahead to avoid draining flashlight batteries on your next camping trip. It is not uncommon to accidentally bump the switch and turn your flashlight on when you are digging around in your bag. You can safeguard the power by slipping the batteries in backwards in the flashlight cylinder. This will ensure they do not drain if the flashlight is accidentally turned on.

It's important to set up your tent before dark. Once the sun goes down, it is more difficult to set up a tent, prepare your campfire area or make sure your food is secure. Even if you don't have a tent, setting up a natural shelter is easier before the sun goes down.

Oranges are great for camping since they're healthy, easy to eat, and they also keep mosquitoes away. Use the peels to rub your body down. It is a low-cost, chemical-free way to keep bugs away.

Whenever you are camping, be sure to adhere to proper safety protocol. Keep away from animals, both large and small. You may be surprised at just how dangerous little critters can be. Obviously, you should never try to feed a bear, should you encounter one.

Many people get food poisoning each year while camping because they do not pack properly. If food is not properly vacuum-sealed, canned, or preserved, you risk getting sick from spoiled food. Ice is important as it will help to keep your food chilled and fresh.

Discuss any medical issues with your doctor before you plan a camping trip. Perhaps there are complications associated with camping. Just an ounce of prevention can stop a possibly harmful situation while camping.

Food safety is very important while you are camping. Foods should be packed in airtight and waterproof containers. Keep your food inside insulated coolers. Raw food should be kept separate from cooked food as a way to prevent contamination. Wash your hands while preparing food and afterward, and keep any surfaces, utensils and cooking containers clean as well. Cook all food to safe temperatures, and chill foods as soon as they cool down.




Make sure your children have something to do while camping. Boredom is something that you will want to avoid at all costs while camping. They have probably never fished or set up tents. Consider introducing your kids to these things in advance of your trip so they know how to do them and view them as fun.

When you go camping, check to be sure there are restrooms available. There is no need for a porta-potty. It just has to be a sufficient space for relieving yourself. Do a complete check to make sure that you took along enough bathroom tissue with you, so you will not get stuck using leaves.

Do not underestimate the amount of food and water you will need for your trip. If you're camping anywhere that has bears, be sure to store any food far from where you're sleeping. Also, throw away all of your garbage and do not leave food out in the open.

When preparing your survival kit for your camping trip, pack some waterproof matches. These should be stored in an airtight container. You can waterproof regular matches by dunking them in nail polish or paraffin, a type of wax. A film container or pill bottle can serve for storage.

You won't find many life experiences that rival camping. Between the beautiful views, the fresh air and the relation to nature, you will surely enjoy your time in nature. The tips in this article will help you get away for a great camping trip at whatever destination you choose.

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