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Snacking on a Diet - Pretzels as an Alternative to Chips

Can't have snacks when you are dieting? Actually there are several low calorie snacks to help with those cravings and keep you focused on your diet goals.

Make your own Trail Mix

A home made mixture of nuts, chocolate and raisins has the sweetness and fat taste to help keep your stomach satisfied. This will help with your cravings and keep you on your diet goals. Do need to make sure portions are small.

Cheese Puffs:

Snacks filled with air will make you fill full and take in fewer calories. You will able to snack for a longer period of time during the day instead of just one snack at that's it for the rest of the day.

A Little Peanut Butter with Those Crackers:

Have those cravings for a good old fashioned cookie? Now one cookie probably will not kill your diet, it is just very hard to stop just at one. Try a graham cracker sandwich. Take two graham crackers and spread light peanut butter between the crackers. With This snack you will get protein and fat to help keep you full until dinner time.




Homemade Egg Salad:

The combo of protein and fat in egg salad will give staying power through out the whole day. All you need to due is chop up one hard boiled egg and add a tablespoon of reduced fat mayonnaise. The protein will keep you fuel and the fat will help slow your digestive system.

Got to love those Bananas:

Bananas do have more sugar than other vegetables and fruits, but is better than eating those snacks with full of processed sugars. Another benefit is you are working out a lot this will help you keep your potassium levels in check while helping your heart.

Go with the Goodness of Cheerios:

I always gave my children dry cheerios for snacks. This snack is also good for adults.If you can't stand dry cereal just add some skim milk. This snack will help keep you full and help you with your appetite with that crunching sensation. Cheerios are also very healthy carbohydrates.

Plain Yogurt

If you don't like drinking milk, yogurt is great alternative. Adding one serving a day will help your digestive system working correctly. It also contains protein which again will help you keep full and energized through out the day.

Adding these snacks to your diet when you have those cravings well help you stay on course with your diet.

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