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Juice Recipes To Help You With Your Weight Loss Efforts

A new fad in the health industry is fasting and or detoxifications of some sort. Most of the reasons behinds these fasts are to detoxify your body from toxins and other harmful things you have ingested by eating processed foods for so many years. A lot of the detoxifying fasts are with the use of juice. Juice fasting is one way to keep the body healthy, while also only putting things in your body that are good for you. You still receive nutrients and minerals, and you get cleaned out quite quickly. Still though, some of the fasts can last up to 30 days.

One of the juice fasts just contains apple juice. For a few days you only drink apple juice and it will clean out your system. While apple juice is fine for just a few days, you would need to drink other juices as well if you want to go a full week or even the 30 days so many are interested in trying. In the more extreme juice fasting you actually use fruits and vegetables, and turn them all into juice, the fiber stays in the juice and you are completely consuming the vegetable or fruit. In the end it is much like only eating fruits and vegetables.




It is believed that the way this works is your body takes the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables and uses them to maintain your body functions; your fat on the other hand is used as energy and is quickly burned off. People can lose up to 4 pounds a day on the juice fast. There are many combinations of fruits and vegetables you can use for juice fasting. Basically you want to mix in some greens and a lot of the super fruits, such as berries, melons, or grapefruit. Here are some recipes you might want to consider:


2 oranges or apples, 2 peaches or nectarines, a handful of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.), ½ of a banana (to make it smooth), plus some crushed ice (you can freeze the fruits instead and use them if you choose).

If you want just a berry smoothie, follow this recipe: 2 cups of assorted berries, 1 cup of juice (orange or apple), ½ a banana, crushed ice.

Apple-Carrot Juice: 2-3 apples, 1 carrot.

Fruit Liver Detox: 2 apples, handful of grapes, 1/2 a beet, 1/4 of a grapefruit, 1/4 of a lemon.

There are many recipes available, or you can make up your own. There are several fruits and vegetables, mix your favorites together and test them out. You should be able to come up with your own favorite juices in no time.

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