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Hi Everyone

How many times do you go out to get a quick bite from McDonalds or Wendy's and such and you get packets of ketchup or salt and pepper and so forth. If you havent thought about it to much that is a free source of food and all you have to do is ask for extra's. I will show you how to make a quick soup from just 8 packets of ketchup, one salt packet, one pepper packet, some wild garlic or onions from your yard and any other herb or ingredients you have around. This soup is easy to make and has salts to replace what you lost, sugars for energy and warmth for comfort.





  1.  Heat one cup of water to boiling or little before
  2. Add 8 packets of Ketchup and stir every so oftenadd packets
  3.  Add one packet of salt and one packet of pepper
  4. find any herbs that is growing around like wild onion or wild garlic or anything you have available add wild herbs




  1. also if able you have packets of free crackers to add when finished.
  2. heat the soup up to your liking and wahlah you have a nutricious soup from everything that is free heat it up to your liking
  3. eat with crackers to add a filler and there you go. wahlahh hot nutritious soup for free
  4. You can be creative all you like with this.

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