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Bugging Out Series - Priorities For Bugging Out In Winter

This is the first chapter in the Bugging Out Series from The Do It Yourself World. What will you do if you need to bug out in winter? Are you prepared? Will you survive? The following pages will help you make it through.


Winter survival is one of the harshest situations you could ever find yourself in. There are various climates, each with their own risks and dangers. But winter is deadly and unfriendly. Winter survival takes a lot of planning and thought before you head out into the mountains for long term survival. It may end up being very short lived if you do not. A movie called "Into The Wild" is a very good example of what would happen if you head out into the wilderness in winter unprepared. The boy died in the end. He never even made it through one season.


Do not let this happen to you. Be prepared!


If you must bug out in winter you will be faced with a special set of survival circumstances. Winter survival is harsh and unforgiving. If you live in a northern area where there are cold winters, then you will need to deal with keeping warm as well as all the other standard survival necessities.


Winter Survival


Your winter survival gear should include cold weather clothing, a heat source and fire starters, and some sort of shelter. These are the first and primary survival necessities for winter survival. Without these important things, you will die in the cold. Hypothermia sets in very quickly in a cold weather environment if you do not have the proper equipment to make it through.


Some of the articles in the winter Bug Out Series will include the following:


Providing Shelter

Heating and Cooking (coming soon)

Clothing and winter wear (coming soon)

Food procurement and winter foraging (coming soon)

Preventing hypothermia (coming soon)

Treating hypothermia (coming soon)

Winter activities - keeping up morale (coming soon)

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