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Using Food Supplements to Neutralize Bad Effects of Processed Food

Organic food products are natural sources of all the essential nutrients that we need to maintain good health. Nutrient-rich food include all those that can be found in the recommended food pyramid. Unhealthy food products such as those being sold by fast food restaurants may provide some energy and sustenance but they may cause problems in the long term.

Chemical preservatives and artificial flavoring are usually added to manufactured or processed food products to improve their shelf lives, appearance and taste. Many of the tasty processed foods have traces of carcinogenic compounds. Processed food products that have undergone pre-cooking, smoking and aging are particularly risky.

The supposedly fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets are not completely free from artificial chemical contamination. Toxic pesticides and inorganic fertilizers are not totally removed from the "fresh" food crops being sold in the supermarkets. There are also varieties of plant food products that are controversial because they are genetically modified organisms or GMOs.

Eating processed food is not totally bad if done moderately or occasionally. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that many people are left with few healthy food choices because of their fast-paced and demanding lifestyles. The main reason for this is the need for convenience and instant gratification. People who are busy at work and mostly on the go will prefer the convenience of eating factory-processed food than to cook their own gourmet meal.




The other main reason is the affordability of processed food. Almost every corner has fast food restaurant in any busy metropolis. The situation is exacerbated by the popularity of high-calorie and high-sodium snacks such as potato chips. Aside from being nutritionally impoverished, these junk food snacks also contain ingredients that are harmful to health.

Consequently, the need for food supplements is greater among busy people. People who are too stressed-out and busy are typically the ones who need nutritional supplements. The primary food supplements that are needed by over-stressed and busy people are vitamins. These vitamins can help normalize various metabolic processes and counteract the harmful effects of processed food. Both vitamin supplements and mineral supplements can be taken simultaneously depending on the recommendations of a qualified medical practitioner.

Next to vitamins, dietary fibers are also essential for metabolism and healthy digestion. People who are stressed-out will benefit from concentrated plant extracts such as those found in grape seeds. Mos of the herbal plant extracts have flavonoids that serve as anti-oxidants and some are highly specific in aiding organ functions. The flavonoids from herbal plants are excellent in aiding the body to regenerate and repair damaged cells. The herbal plant extracts can also assist in improving the immune system. These supplements are otherwise known as herbal supplements. Many herbal supplements have medicinal properties and may be used to treat a specific ailment.

For those who are interested in body building and tissue regeneration, amino acid and protein supplements may help. Those who are physically active in exercise and sports can benefit from amino acid supplements. Amino acids are essential because they are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and other tissues.

Food supplements should never be used as replacements for natural and healthy food no matter what the nutrition and therapeutic claims for these supplements. These supplements are intended only as temporary relief for nutrient deficiencies.

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