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Caring For Your Trees

Without a lot of the right care, trees can get diseases which can prove to be fatal, and as many trees live for hundreds of years, whether your tree is small or large, you'll want to make sure your tree stays in good condition for future generations. Regular maintenance and care is vital, but you don't have to do this yourself, you can makes things easier by getting a specialist tree care surgeon in to do this for you.

To keep your trees disease free and looking healthy, they'll need inspections twice a year, as well as regular mulching, pruning and fertilizing. Getting a specialist tree care surgeon in means that they can see the first signs of disease and treat it before the disease kills the tree or spreads to others. Take a look at our guide on how to care for your trees!

Make Sure You Prune Your Trees

You can prune the tree yourself if it is small enough, but always make sure that it is done when the tree is dormant. Pruning helps to improve the tree's structure, and to get rid of dead and diseased branches. You should never remove a branch unless you have a reason and try not to over-prune with the leaves, as this reduces photosynthesis which then slows down growth. Pruning is important as it promotes growth and eliminates hazards such as branches overhanging onto a path.

Use Mulch and Fertilizer to Encourage Growth

Regularly use mulch and fertilizer to keep your trees and the soil their roots are in in the best possible condition to encourage growth. Mulching is very important as it reduces environmental stress, and the fertilizer will provide the tree with vital nutrients in order to thrive and grow properly. Mulch also prevents weeds from growing, adds to the nutrient base, helps the roots maintain an even temperature, and helps retain moisture.




Dispose of Fallen Leaves To Prevent Disease

Always make sure you collect and dispose of any leaves that fall around the bottom of the tree to stop it from getting a disease. If you leave them they will decay and grow fungi which will then infect the tree and cause it to become diseased which could then pass on to trees nearby. As well as disposing of decaying leaves you can also use fungicides and other chemicals to prevent diseases from taking hold, or contact a tree care surgeon for advice.

Use a Professional Tree Care Surgeon to Treat Disease

If you think your tree already has a disease or you know it has one, then the best option is to get a professional tree care surgeon in, as they will be able to identify the disease and then discuss your options with you. Depending on the disease, they may suggest a natural method, or they might need to use chemicals to get rid of it. It's really important you treat the disease, if not the disease may spread to nearby trees and even kill them.

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