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How To Make An Attractive Forum Signature

If you're new to internet marketing, then you must have heard about forum marketing and pondering how it can help you drive traffic to your website or Squeeze page and build your email list. Well, the best way to build your email list through forum marketing is to establish your name as an authority in this niche, and this is the purpose of a Forum Signature.

Forum Marketing, Hitting 2 Birds in 1 Stone

Forum marketing gives you 2 benefits, SEO and Targeted Traffic.

For SEO, you should include targeted keywords as anchor texts for the link you provide in your signature. It gives your site (or the link you provide) weight on search engines. Though the influence of these links from your signature may not seem substantial, the total amount of links from all the posts you made in the forum will allow you to combine all those benefits and have a better overall impact in search engines.

For Traffic, forum members who read and see your posts will click through the link/s you provide in your signature and will become your targeted traffic, maximizing the potential of your website for conversions.




Have you noticed the common denominator between the 2 benefits? Yes, it's Forum Signature. You can reap all these benefits from forum marketing if you have good signature. So how do you make a good forum signature? Here are 3 tips:

Use Keywords Right From The Beginning

Obviously, this is to take advantage of the SEO benefit - make keywords your anchor text in your forum signature. This will make search engine crawlers see each of your post relevant to your niche, and therefore putting importance on the links and where it directs to. Make sure you get the full advantage of your links by keeping its link code into "no-redirect" or "no-follow" attribute.

Make An Attractive Slogan

Your signature slogan must draw eyes and encourage people to click through and check out your site. Thus, it should be catchy, original and interesting. Think of your slogan as your blog title - short, concise, unique, but enough to stir people's interest.

Post It In The Right Place

Make sure you use your forum signature in the right place, which means post in the right niche topic and comment on the right threads. If your signature is like "Buy cheap tires in Detroit" and you use it in gardening supply forum, do you really think you can find a lot of people interested in your tires?

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