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Drink Pine Needle Tea For Health And Nutrients

Pine Needle Tea Will Amaze You

Loaded With Health Benefits



Pine needles are loaded with health benefits such as vitamins and minerals but they also have medicinal qualities.


Many people cringe a bit when they first hear about pine needle tea. Just the idea of putting pine needles into your mouth makes people shudder. But pine needle tea actually tastes very good. There is a mild lemony flavor and a nice, mild pine scent. And the health benefits of pine needle tea make it all worth it. Plus many people can easily find an abundance of pine needles free for the taking near their home.


White Pine Tree
The Pine Tree Is Packed With Nutrients And Health Benefits


Pine needle tea is loaded with vitamins A and C. There is roughly five times more vitamin C in pine needles than in lemons. This can boost your immune system and help fight off infections. The vitamin A in pine needle tea is good for your skin, hair and eyes. It can also help boost your red blood cell count. Pine needles are also loaded with antioxidents, flavonoids and phytonutrients which can boost your health.


Pine needle tea is great for coughs and sore throat. It is also an expectorant and can relieve chest congestion. Forget that run to the pharmacy - drink some pine needle tea.


Pine needle tea can help fight resperatory infections. This is especially helpful during the cold winter months when cold and flu and other nasties abound.


Pine needle tea can help improve your hearth health and circulation system. Some studies have shown a reduction in bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol.


Pine needle tea can help you rebound faster after a heavy workout or exercise.


Pine needles can help boost your mental clarity naturally and boost your senses. Next time grab a cup of pine needle tea instead of coffee.


Some say that pine needle tea can help slow the aging process.


Pine needle tea can help keep your skin young and healthy looking.


Pine needle tea helps fight inflammation and improves the natural balance in gut bacteria




How To Make Pine Needle Tea



Most of the pine tree family is edible. But make sure that you correctly identify the type of tree before you injest any. There are some poisonous types of evergreen trees. For this example we are using needles from the white pine tree.


Grab the end of a branch of a pine tree. The ends are where the needles grow. You need a small handful of needles to make pine needle tea.


Pine Needle Tea Is Very Healthy
A handful of pine needles for healthy tea


Finely chop or crush the pine needles well. The smaller and finely chopped or crushed they are, the more nutrients you are going to get. Just putting pine needles into hot water whole will not get you much of anything. I like to use a large butcher's knife and rock back and forth over the pine needles with the knife blade until they are chopped up very fine. This only takes a minute and it is worth the effort.


Finely chop pine needles for tea
Chop up the pine needles


Bring some water to a boil. Put your pine needles into a cup directly or into a tea strainer or tea bag. Remove the water from a boil and pour over the pine needles in your cup. Let it steep for at least 5 minutes.


Enjoy a nice, refreshing cup of pine needle tea, knowing that you are boosting your health at the same time. I leave the needles in my cup until I drink it empty. This gives me a full flavor and the most nutrients that I can get out of my pine needles.



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Note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. This article is not meant to replace your doctor or medical professional. It is intended as a source of information only. Always seek medical advice before taking any herb or natural remedy.

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