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Harvesting And Processing Honey Mushrooms For Long Term Storage

Harvesting And Processing Honey Mushrooms

For Long Term Storage



The three of us went out to harvest some honey mushrooms that had sprung up in abundance. We filled up a large paper bag and two plastic shopping bags with honey mushrooms.


Honey mushrooms prefer to grow around hardwood trees such as oak. They will grow near dead or alive oak trees. Honey Mushrooms actually kill the tree they are growing near over time. They are edible and we took advantage of a bountiful harvest.


Harvesting Honey Mushrooms
Our Family Harvesting Honey Mushrooms




Back home we washed the mushrooms well and removed the stems. The stems of honey mushrooms are woody and not edible. You want to get the dirt and any insects off the mushrooms.


We put one batch in the dehydrator to dry them out and later to vacuum seal them for long term storage. We got about six servings from this batch. Later I will process them with a vacuum sealer on my tactical channel.



We cooked down three whole batches on the stove for about 15 minutes per batch. Each batch yields us two servings. So we got six servings from the cooked mushrooms as well. These we put into the freezer for use later in meals.


In all we got 12 batches of mushrooms from this haul.


It really feels good to be able to provide food for our family for free from nature.


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