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Three Ways DIY Tube Video Community Can Make Money

DIY Tube Video Community is out of development and entering the marketing stage. We are ready for the World. During the past two years our site was open to the public but we did not advertise much. We just had enough people to test out the system while we worked.

But now DIY Tube is ready to go and the software is stable. DIY Tube has cost us about $30,000 so far to develop and test. This includes server fees, cloud storage fees and development fees.

To date the DIY Tube team has paid for everything ourselves. But now it is time to get things going.



We have three ways that we can make money on DIY Tube Video Community.

The most obvious is that we can run advertisements on the side banners and before or after videos play.

We can also sell DIY Tube Coins inside the system for companies to promote their own channel or video onto the homepage. Any member can purchase DIY Tube Coins which they can use to promote their video. This allows companies to sign up for an account on DIY Tube, upload videos and promote their own products on their own terms. Its a self service system.

And one more way for DIY Tube to gain income is through the value of DIY Tube Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. As the tokens go up in value, so do the value of the coins inside DIY Tube Video Community. Once DIY Tube has its own blockchain, some coins will be used to cover the cost of operating the entire system.

The reason we are sharing this is for complete transparency. We are discussing the possibility of opening up DIY Tube to the community. Shares would be distributed to contributing members who work on the project. But that is a story for another day so watch for it right here.

DIY Tube Video Community offers instant, free membership to everyone. We offer freedom of speech and protection from harassment.

On DIY Tube you get unlimited video storage in the cloud for free.

And we pay members for activities on the site. Every 24 hours members are paid in DIY Tube Coins for video views, comments and thumbs up on both.

So join DIY Tube today and start earning!

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