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How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 - Off Grid Coffee

This is the next article in the series on how to get your home off the grid for $5,000 or less. During the next months I will lead you through a series of articles and videos which will show you how to get your own home off the grid on a budget.


Today we are going to talk about off grid coffee. For many people a cup of coffee is a very important part of their day. Even if you do not drink coffee it is quite likely that you sometimes entertain guests who do. This article can help not only those who are off the grid or considering it but those who just want to save some energy.


One of the first things you should do when going off the grid is to get rid of all those power hungry appliances and devices. I will go into more detail on this point in the next article but I have to touch on it now because a modern coffee maker uses a lot of power.


I will show you how to get a great tasting cup, or pot, of coffee with less energy used. The stainless steel single cup coffee filter not only uses less energy to make a cup or pot of coffee but it also saves you on coffee filters. This is a one time purchase, reusable stainless steel coffee filter. You simply wash it out each time you use it.





We use this filter heavily here on our off grid homestead to serve not only ourselves but our guests too. And we have never had a complaint to date about the taste of our coffee.


To use the stainless steel coffee filter, simply put in the same amount of coffee you would with your normal coffee maker. Then heat up some water on the stove. Off grid homes generally use either propane stoves or wood stoves. There are many other ways to heat your water off the grid but we will cover this point in a future article.


When the water is just off a boil place your coffee filter on top of a coffee cup or coffee pot, depending on how much you are making. Then pour the water slowly into the filter. This literally brews a cup or pot of coffee just like your coffee maker. And you get the same great taste too.


This is especially energy saving when you are only brewing a single cup of coffee and for off grid homes any reduction in your electricity use is important.



Above you can see the stainless steel single cup coffee filter. But again, this is the same size as your normal coffee maker filter so you can make a whole pot of coffee with this by just adding more coffee grounds.




Above I am making a single cup of off grid coffee. As you can see there is plenty of space for more coffee grounds. You can just as easily make an entire pot of coffee with this filter. I would suggest using a thermos in that case so you have coffee for later without the need for heating up more water later in the day.


You can buy the stainless steel coffee maker here: Simple Workings Coffee Maker

You can watch today's video here: Watch How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 Making Coffee Off The Grid now  How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 Making Coffee Off The Grid


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