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Linux vs Windows 10 vs Mac And Why I Choose Linux

I have long been trying to decide which operating system I wanted to go with since Windows 10 takes control of my computer at any given time of day or night.


I loved Windows XP back in the day when we were allowed to use and customize our computers as we saw fit. But then came Windows 7 and XP was dropped. Windows 7 was ok once you got used to it. But then along came Windows 8 and then the forced Windows 10 upgrades. With each new update Windows became less usable and more controlling of your computer. That is when I started the long search for a better operating system.


I had worked with Mac before so I was going to get a Mac. I had decided that was the only option for me but I had to save up a few years in order to afford one and even then I would have to go into debt to pay for it. But it was worth it because Microsoft was driving me insane.


Windows 10 home, which came with my laptop, takes control of your computer at any given time of the day or night. Microsoft does not care what you want to do at the time. The computer is going to be used for downloading files and installing updates first. My laptop would reboot at random times of the day or night regardless what I was doing at the time.


I tried to stop or pause the updates but they would come anyway. Often I would try to defer the updates to a different time but they would randomly come anyway and at the worst times.


I was being pushed more and more to buying a Mac asap.




But then I started to look into Linux. Long ago Linux was for the brave and computer savvy. It was not for the feint hearted or unskilled. You had to know the system in order to use it. Those days are mostly in the past now though. I started learning Ubuntu in order to run DIY Tube Video Community servers because it was solid. Then I started experimenting with Kubuntu GUI interface and I liked it.


Now I am taking the plunge and moving fully to Linux on all my computers. Windows rebooted my computer three times in the past week while I was working. The last time was the last straw for me. This very morning, after the computer finished rebooting and let me have control of it again, I formatted the hard drive and installled Windows.


At the end of this article is a link to a video where I go into detail about the differences in each product Windows 10 vs Mac vs Linux. But in the chart here I will show some comparisons based on my own experience.


Operating System Windows 10 Mac OS Linux
Cost $139+ Price varies Free
Ease Of Use Easy Medium Medium-hard
Updates Automatic Semi automatic Optional - Manual
Stability Ok Good Rock Solid
Average User Daily use Professional Professional



The biggest reason I did not choose the Mac OS is the cost. An average Windows PC costs about $350 while the average Mac costs 5 to 10 times that amount. Whereas Linux runs on just about anything you can think of including antique computers, hand held devices and micro computers.


Another reason I went with Linux over Mac is that I can upgrade for free and keep using my computer as long as I like. With the Mac your computer will eventually be outdated and will no longer function with modern websites or software.


Especially with Windows 10 Home version updates are forced and generally out of your control. At least the Mac gives you some options. Linux lets you fully automate updates or install them at your will.


Windows can be installed on just about any computer with enough resources but Mac OS comes only on Apple computers. Linux, as mentioned can be installed just about anywhere.

You can watch today's video here: Watch Linux vs Windows vs Mac Os And Why I Chose Linux now  Linux vs Windows vs Mac Os And Why I Chose Linux

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