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Fully Off Grid On Earth Day 2012

Article from: April 22nd, 2012


I guess I did my part on Earth Day 2012 by staying out in the Off Grid Trailer. I have no connections to any utilities. Everything is fully off the grid. I must provide my own water, heat, electricity and waste management.

Using the old wood stove with homemade water boiler made it a cozy 75 degrees inside while it was 45 outside. The stove barely needs to be burning to keep it toasty in here. Actually, if the stove burns too hot, the water can get quite hot and I dont want to damage the heat exchanger or the pipes.

Solar energy powers the 4 fans and water pump for the heating system.

I am typing this on a laptop which gets charged up on solar power. A cell phone provides internet connection.

Off the grid does not mean leaving behind all of your comforts. I have music, video, movies, internet, light and anything else I want. But the main point is that this old trailer is out in the middle of the forest with no wires from the utilities.

That is what I call Off The Grid.

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