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Living In The Off Grid Camper

Article from: April 21st, 2012


I am staying in the Off Grid Camper full time now. I am still improving the trailer every day, making it comfortable for long term living. There are a lot of life changes to be made when moving off the grid, but it is a satisfying feeling when you sit back and look at all of your accomplishments.

I am writing this blog post, fully off the grid. My cell phone provides an internet connection for my laptop. A pair of golf cart batteries are kept charged by a homemade solar panel. Later a second solar panel will be added. Then I can run a small fridge in here. For now, it is all canned food or small quantities of fresh food. Just enough that I can eat in a couple days so it does not go bad on me. No milk or dairy products for now. Not without a fridge.

Except for the rain outside right now, it is totally silent and peaceful out here. I am far from any other houses or neighbors out here on 90 acres of wild, wooded land.




Just got the bathroom closet finished today. It was totally ruined from water damage. My clothes are hanging up in there now. I will post an article about it later.

It was raining hard a little bit ago. Reminds me of my childhood, staying in the tiny little camper we had. When it rained, it meant a long, sleepless night. It is not so bad in a 32 footer, but you can sure hear the rain pounding on the metal roof. Much louder than in a house. Wish I had the rain water collection system built already. It would be nice to have the water tanks full. Tomorrow I will probably fill up from the creek. I have a spare trailer water tank I will fill up and then hook up to the trailer for a fresh water supply. For drinking I will filter it well first. It is torture to hear all of that fresh water pouring down and no way to catch it yet. Soon.

I will keep you all posted on updates and improvements to the Off Grid Camper.

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