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Wild Foraging Series The Wild Blueberry

Article from: September 9th, 2012


Blueberries can be found in abundance across North America. They are often found covering the ground thickly along mountain slopes, along swampy lowland and forest bogs. There are many varieties of wild blueberry, but they pretty much look and taste the same.


The wild blueberry bush

The wild blueberry bush


Blueberries have a long history of use with the native American Indians who once roamed the continent. They contain tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Blueberries can either be eaten fresh, frozen for later or dried for long term storage. When fully dried, blueberries can be saved for quite a long time. The Indians made pemmican by drying blueberries and meat. Then they ground both into a fine powder and mixed it with melted fat until it made a very thick mixture. When it sets up, it will remain edible for many years. Pemmican that was found hundreds of years later was still edible.




Blueberry leaves can also be used in tea. Blueberry leaf tea was also heavily used by the Indians to ease child birth in women. When taken regularly about three months before the due date, it is claimed that the baby sort of slips right out. With some women it is mostly painless as well after use of blueberry tea.


Blueberry leaf tea is also used as a blood purifier.


You can collect blueberry leaves and dry them for use in winter.


Dont forget to add blueberries to your list of wild edible foods.


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