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The Advantages Of Homesteading And What Keeps Us Going

I am often asked what are the advantages of homesteading compared to working a normal job and paying the normal bills each month. I answer these questions and more in this article and the attached video.


Homesteaders are a different, free spirited and hardy lot of people. It takes determination, dedication and hard work to be a homesteader full time. Homesteading is not for everyone but then again we need the people in the workforce working normal jobs as well. Each type of person has his/her own place in society for it to all mesh and work together.


Homesteaders generally work from sunrise to sunset and even longer. These are long, hard hours of sweat, blood and sometimes tears. But we all have a sense of satisfaction and well being at the end of the day. Most of us would never trade our lifestyle for anything either.


The benefits of homesteadingThe advantages and benefits of homesteading


I am often asked the question - Why dont you just get a normal job and leave the drama and the stress behind?




I can answer your question in a few sentences. For one thing, being in the workforce on a 9 to 5 job has its own drama and stress. You have to get up in the morning and prepare for work. Get in the car and pray there is nothing along the way to hinder you from making it on time or you can get in trouble at work. You have to please your boss all the time and sometimes worry if you are doing a good job or not. You must always be sure to be better than the guy/girl sitting next to you or they can get the next promotion, leaving you behind. You work all month to pay the bills, repair the car and put food on the table. But many people can never really get ahead in life. At least this was my story.


Compare this to homesteading where I get up in the morning and have my coffee with my family. We have a peaceful morning together while we plan our day. We all go off on our separate ways, working and doing what needs to be done. Each day is different from the last. You sometimes never know what tomorrow will bring because homesteading is always full of surprises.



And the main answer to it all is this: Homesteaders are working for themselves and not for others. At the end of the day we can sit back and look over the fruit of our labor and know it was for the betterment of the family. Working for others, you are working for the betterment of your employers and that is normal, well and good. But a homesteader is a sort of free spirit and does not like to be confined in a day after day job.


Most homesteaders provide most or all of their own food. Most homesteaders are self sufficient in some way. This can mean gardening, foraging, hunting, fishing and the like.


Growing your own food has its advantages as well. You have freshly harvested and organic food without the higher cost associated with it. You get more nutrients because your food is fresher than from the store. It does not have to travel long distances to get to your dinner table. The normal workforce must pay higher prices for these privilegs and it is hard to get it very fresh.


Most homesteaders provide their own meat in some way as well through cattle, goats or chickens. This is also fresher and more healthy than commercially raised foods. And you know what your animal was eating before it goes onto your own plate. Compared to organic or farm raised meats sold commercially and there is another major savings in cost to a homesteader who grows his own meat.


Many homesteaders produce some or all of their own power as well through either solar or wind power or some sort of alternate energy. This also brings a cost savings to the homesteader.


We all must pay the man. We have to pay our taxes and our bills or we lose the homestead and possibly go to jail. So homesteaders have to work as well in some way. Some work a part time job on the side or try to provide some sort of income from their own land. This also gives a feeling of satisfaction when you make a living from your own hands and from your own resources.


Homesteaders are a unique and tough lot. Homesteading is hard work and means long hours. But homesteading gives you much peace and a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day.


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