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Get Paid Sharing Videos & Commenting On DIY Tube Videos

On DIY Tube Video Community you get paid for video views, comments and thumbs up on both. DIY Tube Video community is a revenue sharing video site with a twist.


DIY Tube Video community pays you up to an equivalent of $10 for every 1,000 videos. This is more than double what you will get anywhere else on the internet.


You get paid in DIY Tube Coins which you can use on the site to promote your videos or channel or you can sell them for real fiat currency. You can also hold on to the coins for their investment value and cash in on them later when they go up in price.


DIY Tube Coins are a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that they are secure and they are 100% compatible with existing Ethereum wallets. DIY Tube Coins can be traded easily for Ethereum as well.



On DIY Tube Video Community you get paid based on the following:


100 comments = 1 DIYT

100 thumbs up - 1 DIYT

1,000 video views = 10 DIYT


Earnings in thumbs up are based on thumbs up minus thumbs down on your comments and videos. The total number from each category are added up to get your earnings. For example if you have 1000 thumbs up but 250 thumbs down you will get 7.5 DIY Tube Coins


Video view earnings are based on the percentage of minutes watched per video. For example if you have 1,000 video views but only 70% of the video was viewed on average, you will get 7.5 DIY Tube Coins.


The community also earns DIYT for reporting abuse. To help keep the DIY Tube Video community clean there will be a reporting system for spam, comment abuse, thumbs down abuse, plagiarism and other forms of abuse.


On DIY Tube Video Community everyone gets a chance to earn.


Get paid to do what you enjoy!

DIY Tube Video Community

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