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Meco Solar & Hand Crank & USB Weather Survival Radio

Field testing and final review of a solar powered, hand crank multi function survival weather radio from Meco. This is not just a weather radio but a multi purpose survival tool.


With AM/FM radio, weather radio, LED light, and charging ports this radio has multiple uses in the field. It can light up your path and warn you of bad weather on the way. The lanyard ensures you dont drop it on the go.


This survival weather radio has three ways to charge with the solar cell on top, hand crank on the back and a USB charging port on the end. We generally keep the radio up on a window ledge to keep it charged up in the sun. But on the go you can use the hand crank as needed.



For those of you who listen to the radio a lot, you can keep this little radio charged up using any standard USB charging port.


The weather radio brings in a very strong signal and beats many other weather radios I have tried out. In the woods at a log cabin I was getting a very clear signal. This is important when traveling because the weaker radios will leave you hanging.




The LED light is not impressive but it is a convenient thing to have if this is your main grab and go item for a trip or survival situation. It can light up the way for you in the night if you get lost.


The one feature that really excites me is the USB output port which can be used to charge up your cell phone, GPS or other small device when out in nature. Using the hand crank on the side of the radio you can charge up even the power hungry 1 Amp cell phones with no problem. My phone will not even recognize anything under an Amp of charging power but yet it takes a charge with this radio.



This can save your life one day if you are lost or in need of help but your cell phone has no charge. And you can keep your GPS charged up using this radio to help you find your way out. With the LED light and your GPS, you cannot get lost. The weather radio will keep you informed of any bad weather on the way at the same time.


This little radio weighs 230 grams so it is light and easy to carry. It is not too large either so it fits in your pocket conveniently.


This survival weather radio from Meco is going to be part of our bug out bags from now on.


You can get one here: Meco Solar Hand Crank Emergency Weather Radio

You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  Meco Solar & Hand Crank & USB Weather Survival Radio


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