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Investor Needed For Shared Altcoin Mining Farm Business

I have plans for a shared cryptocurrency mining farm which will allow anyone to sign up and start mining their own altcoins with ease. This is a new idea which I have never seen on the internet.


The basic idea is to make a website which is so simple that anyone can get started in mining altcoins using our mining rigs. The customer can choose their budget, make a payment and start mining coins immediately. This is where the uniqueness of my idea comes in. There are a few large shared mining websites out there but they are so complicated that only people with a lot of existing knowledge can get involved.


Shared altcoin mining business


The entry level budget will be affordable for anyone to get involved into cryptocurrency. This is also unique.


The website and supporting software will be written by myself. Some support may be needed from a third party developer for special mining software, but this is a one time expense.


The plan is to set up a building full of mining rigs and rent out the processing power to people who are interested in getting into cryptocurrency but have no knowledge, financing or space to do so on their own. The simplicity of the system will make it available to everyone, anywhere.


Private, members only, training videos will be made to show people how to trade, save or sell their cryptocurrency. This will also boost the value of the entire business.


I am looking for an investor to assist in purchasing the hardware and the building needed for this business.


The project is to begin immediately upon agreement of contract terms between the investor and myself. I have full plans available which I will disclose after signature of a non-disclosure agreement.


Return on investment is potentially quite large and fast since I expect to sell out almost immediately upon going live with the website. Any mining rigs not rented out at any given time will be used for mining for our own gain so at no time will there be any rigs sitting idle. This also means that returns are constantly flowing in no matter through customers or from direct mining.


Timeline to completion of the project is estimated at roughly 30 days from signature of the contract and receipt of finances.


This is a one time offer only and on a first come, first served basis.


Please email me at for more details or to sign up.


Thank you



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