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YouTube Videos Banned From Advertising

Every day now my videos are being banned from advertising on YouTube. I keep seeing the message "not suitable for most advertisers" and I earn no ad income anymore.


Literally every video I make now is being blocked by YouTube. And they are tying my hands. They tell us that to get our videos seen we have to make a video every day. And we should post the videos at the same time every day. But then they block videos from advertising right after making it live.


So they tell us to upload the video the day before and make it unlisted. Then the computer has time to go over the video to see if it fits the guidelines or not. The next morning I check and the video is good. I make the video live. Then, not long after, YouTube blocks ads on my video telling me it is not suitable.


I was on the chat forum with a YouTube support assistant. They tell me it is my fault. I am violating their terms. So I ask them to point me in the right direction. I asked for a list of banned keywords so I can avoid them.


YouTube tells me that there is no list of banned keywords and that I have violated their terms. They gave me a generic page which tells me that terrorism, hate, porno, filth, swearing, violence and such topics violate their terms. But nothing like that is ever in my videos. Even Melanie's cooking videos are being blocked now.




So I go round and round and round with them now. It has been months and things are only getting worse. Now, rather than 30 to 50 percent of my videos being blocked - it is every single video.


I am trying to get back into daily videos but it seems that YouTube does not want my sort of content. At least that is the message I am getting from them.


I am looking for a solution.


I will let you know when I find one.


I am really wanting to get back to the good old days like I keep saying.


Here are some ideas for now:


I am working on my own video hosting site. It needs funding though and I dont have that yet. When I get the site finished I will host my own videos and run my own ads. The site will be open to all content creators as well. I will have full control over trolls and hate speech unlike YouTube.

I could use my own site already and post videos on Patreon as I upload them. Anyone who wants to see my videos live and as they are released can use Patreon. Others can wait for the videos to go through YouTube which takes a few days each.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas.


Thank you



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