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100000 YouTube Subscriber Give Away Drawing

This is the first in a series of drawings and give aways to celebrate The Do It Yourself World YouTube channel reaching 100,000 subscribers.


Some of you were confused with the name Techman2015 on the silver play button. That was the name I chose many years ago when YouTube was still young and I had no dreams of even making videos yet. Later The Do It Yourself World and then The Off Grid Project were formed.


I want to first thank you all for being there. Many of you have been there from the start and seen a lot of changes which took place through the years. I came from nothing and built up to having a nice home and family. Thank you for staying with me through it all.



Wowtac A3 LED flashlight


If you have not been following from the start, I have put together a web page with a list of all the play lists in order from the start to the present. You can find the playlists here:


The Do It Yourself World Video Playlists





For the first give away drawing I have a Wowtac LED flashlight which I was given to review and give to one of my viewers.


This is a Wowtac A3 600 Lumen LED flashlight with zoom function.


This light comes with some nice accessories as well. There are spare O rings so that you have a lifetime flashlight. There is a clip for your shirt pocket. There is a USB chargeable 18650 battery (really cool) and also a USB charging cable.


The Wowtac A3 LED flashlight has various functions. One of the really great features of this light is that it has a memory function. This light always turns on in the last mode you used. I love this because I do not have to fumble through all the functions to find the one I want.


The Wowtac A3 flashlight also has a zoom function. By sliding the front ring you can focus on something far away or widen the light to a very large area. This is great for looking for something in the night and then pin pointing it once you have located it.


The various brightness levels are as follows:


Strobe - 600 lumens lasts 3.5 hrs

Turbo - 600 lumens lasts 3 hrs

High - 220 lumens lasts 5 hrs

Medium - 65 lumens lasts 20 hrs

Low - 16 lumens lasts 2.3 days

Reading - 10 lumens lasts 3 days


The Wowtac A3 LED flashlight has a peak beam intensity of 13280 cd and 600 Lumens. The maximum beam distance is 230 meters.


The A3 LED flashlight is water resistant to IPX-4 standard which means you can use it in the rain with no problem. It is impact resistant to 1.5 meters, so unless you throw it, this light will take a good beating and still work well.



With a weight of only 83 grams, including the battery, this is a very comfortable flashlight to carry around.


To cycle through the light functions you simply press the power button. First, with the light turned off, a long press will give you the reading mode. This is enough light to read by or for stealth survival lighting.


A single press turns on the light in the last mode you used it. Pressing and holding the button again cycles the light through low, medium and high modes. And a double click will put the flashlight in turbo mode. Another double click will give you the SOS, or emergency mode.


And this light could be yours.


To enter the drawing to win the Wowtac A3 600 Lumen flashlight, simply enter the words "I want in" in the comments below.


No registration is needed to enter the contest. Just use the form below and say "I want in". All comments must be manually approved and will appear once they are approved so do not despair if your comment does not show up immediately.


A drawing will be done on the 2nd of January. This will give people time during the holidays to enter into the drawing. On the 2nd of January, the winner will be announced. The winner will be chosen by random number generated by a computer. The number of comments will be counted and then the random number will be used to pick the winner based.


You can also get a Wowtac flashlight here and now if you dont want to wait: Wowtac LED flashlights


Thank you all for being there.



The Do It Yourself World LLC

& The Off Grid Project

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