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Join The Growing Social Community And Get Paid

Join one of the fastest growing social sites and get paid to do what you are already doing - sharing, commenting and writing articles. Steemit is one of the top growing networks on the net and justly so. Instead of making money for the platform, they pay you to interact and create content.


Steemit is a blockchain based social media site like Reddit or Facebook but better. Whereas you must pay FB to get your message out to all your friends, Steemit pays you.


Join steemit, a growing community where you earn money doing what you love

Join steemit, a growing community where you earn money doing what you love


How does this work?


It is quite simple. You do what you have already been doing online - write articles, share things that interest you and talk to one another through comments. When someone likes your article or comment, they can give you an up vote. This is like YouTube up voting with a twist. When someone votes you up, you start to earn money. The more votes you get, the more money you make.




You can also up vote others. And it does not cost you a cent. Steemit gives you free steem money to hand out to others that you feel are worthy. There is a daily pool of steem available for eveyrone to share.


When you up vote someone, you are not losing anything at all. On the contrary, every time you vote, you also get a little bit of that value back.


So the more you interact on steemit, the more you earn. It is fun and addictive to join and community and make money doing what you love.


The video below walks you through the steps of signing up for a steemit account and how to get started.



I will share some more videos in the future explaining how to use steemit and how to cash out your earnings.


Steem dollars are a form of cryptocurrency. This is like bitcoin in a way. Steem dollars can be traded on the market for US Dollars as well so in a way they do have real value.


This value, from what I understand, comes from investors who are willing to purchase your steem dollars. Steemit is a growing community and is relatively new. Investors are buying steem dollars in hopes of making money as the value rises.


And this means that you can sell your steem dollars for real cash.

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You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  Join Me On Steemit And Get Paid To Comment


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