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Awesome Harbor Freight Deals And Painting The RV

Article from: June 30th, 2013



I heard about the driveway alarm you can get cheap and use for my chickens. Found one at HF and took a ride out to get one. I found some nice deals while I was there. I am stepping up the RV work to get it done asap. I want to finish the RV and get on to other projects right away.

When I move into the RV I want to improve my water collection system. I want to have pressurized water from the tanks in the meadow, feeding into the RV. I also want to have the ability to take a nice, hot shower. That would be awesome. Winter will be here soon so I need to get a fireplace going for the RV. I also have an idea for an oil burning stove that burns waste veggie oil or motor oil I can get for free. Cold food storage is important before the harvest. And A solar oven and food dryer need to be made asap. Although the sun does not shine much here, it will be helpful. And there are many more projects in The Off Grid Project to be finished.




I went to Harbor Freight to get a driveway alarm to protect my chickens. Someone posted in my comments that you can find them pretty cheap. I had found only expensive ones but HF has them under $20. When I was there I also found the perfect windmill frame. It is a mole chaser that is supposed to spin in the breeze and vibrate the ground to keep moles out. I dont care about that, or its claims, but its the perfect set of windmill blades. All I have to do is add a motor and let it produce power for me. If this works, I will get a couple more of them. If you look for windmill blades on ebay, you can pay about $80 or more for them. This was on sale for only $10.

The driveway alarm I put out by the chickens to warn me if an animal approaches them at night. It is a wireless sender and receiver pair. The sensor goes out by the birds and the receiver stays inside my camper. When something approaches, a very loud alarm goes off, which would wake me up and alert me to the danger.

I got a package from my youtube friend “douglasfi2re”. He knows that the mosquitoes are very bad here and we had been talking about a bug zapper. I cannot find a cheap one around here so he sent me one. Thank you douglasfi2re again for your help out here.

I amped up the RV work to get it finished faster. The heat has slowed me down a bit and I am behind schedule. I worked on the bedroom area on the bed side. Where the wheel well is, I fixed the hole in the fender cover and then used spray foam and rigid styrofoam insulation to fill in the areas better. I have some old 2 inch thigh foam insulation laying around that fit perfectly around the wheel well. This was an uninsulated area before. After putting in the solid foam insulation, I then used spray foam to fill in the gaps perfectly and then put the water tank back in place and connect it.



Sadly while putting the water tank in place, I shorted out my new cigarette lighter socket and blew a fuse. It sticks out just a tiny bit too far and hits the water tank. I did not foresee this when I put it in there. Stupid planning on my part.

I was able to get the while bed put back together now. The foam has been sitting in the sun for a while on both sides to kill any bacteria and freshen it in the clean air. It does not smell at all. This was the clean mattress. The mattress cover will be washed and sanitized carefully and then also set out in the sun to clean it well.

The bedroom is coming along very well now. Well, half of it at least.


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