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ThruNite TN36 10,000 Lumen Handheld LED Flashlight

ThruNite flashlight company sent me their TN36 10,000 Lumen handheld LED flashlight to check out. This fits nicely in the palm of your hand but yet pierces the night like nothing else I have ever seen.


The package arrived with the flashlight, belt holster, spare gaskets and seals, four 18650 batteries and a battery charger.


I love the battery charger so much that I am going to do a separate video on it. It is a fully automatic charger which can recognize the battery type and size automatically. You can independently charge different size and type batteries at the same time.


As usual I put this flashlight to through various tests to see how well it stands up to real World use. And as usual with all the ThruNite products I have tried, it passed with flying colors.


ThruNite TN36 Flashlight


ThruNite TN36 Flashlight




The ThruNite TN36 LED flashlight has various modes of operation.


There is the firefly mode which is very faint. If you hold the power button with the light off, then you will enter the firefly mode. This is good for survival scenarios or reading in the dark without disturbing others around you.


Then there are the adjustable levels from low to high. If you turn on the light, let go and then hold the power button, the light will dim or brighten until it hits the highest or lowest setting.


If you hit the power button twice fast you get the turbo mode. Two more quick presses gets the SOS mode.


My favorite feature of all ThruNite flashlights I have seen so far is the memory mode. The light will always turn on in the last setting you used. This is good because now I do not have to fumble around in the dark trying to find the right setting in a hurry. Often we have predators in the night on our homestead and fumbling through settings can mean life or death for our animals.


ThruNite claims this flashlight is water resistant (IPX-8 Standard 2 Meters) so I went to the lake and dropped it under water for a while and recorded the little fish that were swimming around. I will later upload the entire footage of that underwater scene. The light actually works better under water because it never over heats.


ThruNite TN36 under water


ThruNite TN36 under water


Speaking of which, this light will turn itself off in case it gets too hot in order to protect the LED chips from harm.



ThruNite claims that this light is shock resistant (2 meters) and I found that one out the hard way when I dropped it onto concrete. It is scratched but works fine.


The camera cannot do it justice but if you turn this light on in turbo mode inside a house, you will be blinded. It is the absolute brightest thing I ever saw inside a building hands down. The camera adjusts its sensitivity so I could not catch this on video well enough.


Here are the specs of the ThruNite TN36 LED flashlight


This light has 3 CREE XHP 70 LEDs for up to 10,000 Lumens and up to 20 years life time.


Adjusts from 70 to 7,000 Lumens by holding the power button.


The firefly mode is 2 Lumens and lasts 28 days.


The low setting is 70 Lumens and lasts 2.6 days.


The high setting is 7,000 Lumens and lasts 90 minutes.


Turbo mode is 10,000 Lumens and lasts 85 minutes.


Strobe mode is 7,000 Lumens and lasts 90 minutes.


This LED flashlight has a peak beam intensity of 25480 cd and can pierce the night to 319 meters.


Again, I will get into the battery charger on a separate review.


You can get the ThruNite TN36 LED flashlight here: ThruNite TN36 LED Flashlight

You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  10,000 Lumens Hand Held LED Flashlight


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