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The Best Survival Bug Out Shelter In The World

Article From: November 21st, 2012

When the SHTF and you need to bug out and head for the wilderness, you need a good survival shelter with you. Some people plan to bug out on food with just the clothes on their back. Others plan to get out of Dodge with a backpack and a rifle. I would strongly suggest some sort of permanent, hard shelter for long term survival. This is the best survival shelter in the world.


The ultimate survival and bug out shelter
The ultimate survival and bug out shelter


A slide in truck camper is the ultimate survival shelter you can have. Read on to see why.

If you have just a backpack and a tent, you will have some miserable wet and cold nights in the future. And a tent wears out pretty fast when its used every single day. You may also get tired of carrying it all over the world on your back. If you find some sort of permanent long term camp, then a tent will be useless after a short time. Winter in a tent is fun for a night, but miserable for long term survival.




Some people plan to make a log cabin out in the forest. This is long, hard back breaking work. Some people have a motor home, others have a tow behind camper of some kind. There are problems with each one of these.

A motorhome or RV with its on motor is prone to break downs on the road. And most motor homes are really heavy and use a lot of gas. A motor home requires extra registration, insurance and plates, which add costs during normal life. Forget having a popup camper. They have canvas sides and can be very cold in winter. Popup campers are also not at all durable due to the canvas leaking or getting punctured sometimes.

A tow behind trailer requires extra registration and plates in order to make it legal.

All of the above mentioned campers also need extra tires and other various parts.

A truck camper on the other hand is the perfect long term survival shelter. Due to its permanent hard walls and insulation, it is warmer in the winter. Due to its smaller size it is easier to keep warm in winter as well. A truck camper needs no registration, plates or insurance. There are no tires or spare parts needed for repairs.



A truck camper is rugged and durable for long term survival. A truck camper is made to take the beating of riding in the bed of a standard pickup truck going down the road or driving off road in the woods. Slide in truck campers have enough room for 4 to 6 people to sleep. They have all the comforts of home, but in a smaller package. You can get some deluxe models that have indoor and outdoor showers, toilet, air conditioning, stove and oven, double kitchen sink and everything else a larger full sized camper has. But a truck camper sits on the bed of your truck.

If you are bugging out a truck camper sitting on top of a 4 wheel drive pickup truck is the best bug out combination you can have. You can go literally anywhere an off road truck could go. You cannot go off roading with a normal RV or tow behind camper.

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