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Winter snow storm at the off grid camper

I am moving back into the off grid camper full time again as of tonight. It has been a very long and exhausting move to the new property. It has taken me 5 months to complete the move due to winter weather making the path to the camper too sloppy to use a vehicle. So I carry boxes through the woods by hand.

In the mean time I have been staying with a friend in a cottage on the property. Tonight I am out of the cottage and back into the off grid camper full time. There is a heavy snow storm starting as I haul my bedding, food, water and last things out to the camper. The solar panels are covered in snow and are not producing any power.

The batteries are sitting at about 12.3 volts and I am worried because with no batteries, I have no heat. The heater boiler system requires power to run the water pump and two fans, or I have to let the fire go out. No power = no heat.


The off grid camper in a winter snow storm




I am hoping the batteries will hold through the night. Tomorrow is supposed to clear up some. I will have to go out and sweep off the solar panels in order to get some power going again.

I think I will be up with dawn tomorrow. I fear this will be my last usage of the internet until the sun shines again.

I use my cell phone as a wireless adapter to go online. But both the cell phone and the computer require valuable power which I do not have.

Half of my solar panels were damaged in the winter months and need to be repaired. That leaves me limping along with half my solar power output – in winter with reduced sunlight.

It is going to be a long night.

But the Off Grid Project will continue.

Starting tomorrow I will try to get about one video every day uploaded to The Do It Yourself World Youtube channel

You can watch today's video here: My Off Grid Camper In Winter Snow Storm  My Off Grid Camper In Winter Snow Storm


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