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Resistor Color Code Chart & Resistor Identification

Resistor Color Codes Explained

If you ever work with electronics, you will certainly run into resistors. When working with LEDs you will need to understand resistor color codes as well.

The below resistor color code chart shows you the standard resistor color codes and how to decipher them. First, you will need to hold the resistor in the correct direction. The first color bar will be further out on the edge of the resistor than the last one. Or there may be a larger gap before the last color bar.

How to read resistor color code values

When you have your resistor in front of you, the first color bar is the first decimal, the next bar is the second decimal and the third bar is the multiplier. For example, brown, black, red is one of the most common sizes of resistors. Looking at the chart:

brown = 1
black = 0
red = x 100

The above color codes equal 1,000 Ohms. 10 x 100 = 1,000.

Another example would be yellow, purple, orange.

yellow = 4
purple = 7
orange = 1,000

The above color codes equal 47,000 ohms. 47 x 1,000 = 47,000.




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