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Make An Emergency Survival Alcohol Stove

Emergency Alcohol Stove

DIY Emergency Survival Alcohol Cooker

Make an emergency alcohol stove

Simple $2 emergency survival stove

Making an emergency survival alcohol stove for heating and cooking does not need to cost much. Actually, the one shown here can be made in most households with materials they have on hand. All you need is some rubbing alcohol, cotton balls and a metal container with a lid.

Some people ask "why do I need to be prepared?" That question is asked a lot. But the answer is simple. At any time any one of us may experience a power outage from frozen power lines, or a fallen tree. The recent hurricanes in the US in the last years have shown us the importance of being prepared. Loose your power in the winter and you will quickly realize the need for an emergency heat source.

With that in mind, let's proceed to build a survival alcohol stove.


Make an emergency survival alcohol stove

Materials needed to make a simple survival stove




Get some cotton balls from the dollar store. You can use rubbing alcohol, but pure denatured alcohol burns even better. Rubbing alcohol from the dollar store is between 50 - 80 percent pure. Denatured alcohol is made to be used as a fuel source and is nearly 100% pure. You can use an empty sterno can or a small paint can with a metal lid. Any small pint sized or smaller metal can with a lid will work.

If you use a paint can, make sure there is no paint left inside. Fill the can with cotton balls. Stuff them in and make sure that you push them into all corners of the can. The cotton balls act like a wick and hold the alcohol while it is burning. This also gives you a sort of non spill stove.

Then take your alcohol and fill the can. Pour it slowly and give it time to settle into the cotton balls. You can fill the can up until a little bit of fluid starts to show on top.

Your new stove is ready to use.

Simply place your new stove on a heat resistant surface. Make sure to keep it away from any flammable items. Light the stove with a normal match or lighter. Alcohol burns with a nearly invisible flame and will not explode like gasoline. It is relatively safe to use.

To extinguish the flame, simply place the lid over the top of the container and the flame will go out. Do not touch the container while it is burning or for a while afterward because it can be very hot. Also the lid may be hot after you put out the flame.

You can extend the burn time and control the stove temperature by placing the lid partway over the top of the stove. In a real life survival situation 4 of these little stoves kept us at a relatively comfortable 50 degrees F in the middle of a blizzard in the mountains. There was no other heat source used that night.

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