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Moving Into Our Tiny House For The Winter

Melanie and I are moving into the tiny house on our homestead for the winter. The tiny home is better insulated and has better windows than the trailer we spent the summer in.


We have two houses on the homestead that we purchased this spring. The mobile home which we used all summer we figured would be our permanent home. But we have had some very hot summer days and freezing nights. Due to sandy soil we get up to 50 degree F temperature swings from night to day.


The trailer is only about 10 degrees F difference in temperature that it is outside at any given time. This is not acceptable for year round use. We calculated that to renovate the trailer to make it winter livable would cost us about $15,000. This includes 4x4 framing all the way around with new insulation and siding. Then all new double glass windows.




The tiny house (Chalet) on the other hand is way better insulated and better built. The tiny home has double hung windows with storm windows built in. Some of the windows are double glass as well. The tiny house is way better insulated with thicker walls. The ceiling has added foam insulation and a dropped ceiling.


Our nearly off grid tiny house


During the extreme temperature swings the tiny house stayed around 60 to 70 degrees all summer. We had temperatures ranging from 28 degrees F at night to 100 degrees F by day this summer. The trailer on the other hand was only ten degrees different than the outdoor temperature at any given time when the heat was not on.


So Melanie and I are making our move into the tiny house which is nearly fully off the grid. We are spending our first night in the tiny home so we are bringing everything we need for a comfortable evening.


I had to remove all my survival gear and some electronics that I had stored in the tiny house. Melanie also had a lot of spare blankets and bedding stored in there. It took us the entire day but we got it all cleaned up and ready to move in.



We will continue our move during the coming days until we are fully living in the tiny home.


You can watch today's video here: Moving Into Our Tiny House ~ Chalet ~ For The Winter


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