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Experiment Using A Bedini Motor And Capacitor For Faster Charging

In previous experiments I have put a capacitor in parallel across a battery terminals while being charged on my single coil Bedini motor. It seems that the battery charges faster. I had another battery as a control for comparison. Later I swapped out the two batteries to see what would happen.


Now I am going to do a long term test using one battery with a capacitor in parallel across its terminals and the other without as a control. I am going to charge up the batteries until they no longer take a charge.


If you have been following along with this project then you already know the results I had so far. But if not, please read on.


Experiment with Bedini motor and capacitors

Experiment with Bedini motor and capacitors


I first took two of the exact same 12 Ah batteries that were flat out dead and empty of water. I filled them back up and then put them on the Bedini motor to charge. As an experiment I put a photo flash capacitor across the terminals of one battery and the voltage jumped up considerably. The other battery remained unchanged.


My Bedini motor has a single coil and single transistor. It is a standard Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor circuit.




I have one diode on the transistor collector going to two 216 Ah golf cart batteries that are in bad shape. But I added two more diodes to the collector for added charging outputs.


In previous experiments I had up to 7 batteries of various types and sizes charging on the same coil and transistor with no added current on the input side and no loss of charge on any other batteries.


Now I am charging up the original golf cart batteries plus two 12 Ah batteries. I have two diodes tied in together on the same point on the transistor collector.


One battery has a cpacacitor in parallel across its terminals and the other does not.


With long term charging I  want to see if the battery with a capacitor will truly charge up faster than the one without.


Stay tuned for updates.


You can watch today's video here: Experiments With The Bedini Motor Output


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