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Higher voltage output with Bedini Motor And Capacitor

I got the idea of trying a capacitor in series with the output battery of my Bedini SSG motor. I previously set up 19 LED lamps in series with the output. With the capacitor I got 60 to 80 volt spikes on the output of my Bedini motor.


First of all I put a digital volt, amp and watt meter on the input side of the Bedini motor to see how much power was being used. With just the normal charging battery on the output I was using about a one watt of power. It fluctuates a lot so it is hard to be exact.


With the LEDs on the output the power did not change much at all. If anything maybe .02 amps difference.


I was going to check the speed of the motor as well but the battery on my tachometer died on me.


I first tried using the capacitor in parallel with the 19 LED lamps. The capacitor damped down the output and the LED lamps dimmed down to almost nothing. After a while the LED output dimmed to nothing and then did not return. When I removed the capacitor the LED lamps glowed again.


So I wondered what would happen if I put just the capacitor in series with the charging battery on the positive output of the Bedini motor. I ended up with quite a surprise. My little 20 volt DC panel meter pegged to the right side and the neon bulb on the motor output glowed brightly. This means that I was getting high voltage on the capacitor which could destroy it. The neon bulb is rated for 100 volts.


Every time I started up the Bedini motor and connected power the voltage spiked up and the neon light glowed brightly. So did the grain of wheat light bulb on the input side.


Bedini motor output showing 80 volts and rising using a photo capacitor


So I put a multimeter on the battery and another one on the Bedini motor output itself. When I spun up the wheel and connected power the volt meter on the Bedini output went up between 60 and 80 volts DC. The battery did not really show much of a charge at all though. So the battery was absorbing the energy spikes.


I was first using a 50 volt electrolytic capacitor so I think the capacitor voltage limited the overall output voltage.


When using a 330 volt photo capacitor rated at 22 microfarad the voltage keeps rising and will probably go up until it reaches the capacitor voltage. I do not want to try this out in fear of blowing the transistor.


I am not sure what to do with this energy output at this voltage. The battery does not seem to mind but I am going to burn out the transistor on the output of the Bedini motor with these voltages.


I think that I am on to something here but I am not sure what.


I plan to build another Bedini motor soon and perform some hardcore experiments with it. I hate to blow up this one because it was my first ever and it has served me so well through the years.


You can watch today's video here: High Voltage Output On Bedini Motor Using Capacitor In Series


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