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TeeterBag A Family Game Made In Michigan By A Fellow YouTuber

While visiting family during the holidays I met some people from my home area in Michigan. One man brought something special with him for us to try out. This is TeeterBag, a family game made in Michigan. Michael is a YouTuber as well and we met through my channel.


During our stay in Michigan my family and I met up with Michael and visited for a while. He brought along his own invention which is a pretty cool family game called TeeterBag.


Michael got the idea for this game from the bean bag toss and the ladder game. He thought it would be a good idea to mix the two and he sure was right. This game is a blast.


I have to honestly say that I was skeptical at first when I saw the game. I did not think it could be all that fun. He told me stories of kids playing it every time he brought it out in the public. Actually people of all ages would join in the fun. I am sort of hard to get into playing games myself but I took it to my parents place.




Later we had a huge family get together and I brought out this game for the first time. I cannot believe how much fun it is!! We all took turns playing it and tossing the bean bags at the dishes on the ends.


Actually it generally ends up in a chaotic mess of eveyrone just tossing the bags haphazzardly all over the place and everyone laughing. Rules are made to be broken anyway right?


Some cheating and rules end up broken but its all fun


To play this game you set it up on its stand. The arm is perfectly balanced and both bowls sit parallel to the ground waiting for action.


Two or more people divide up into teams. You stand a few feet away from the game and at the signal two people start tossing their bean bag into their respectively colored dish. The idea is to get your dish to fall down and hit the center bar on the bottom. This sounds easy but its not always so. Because your opponent is also trying to get their dish to hit the bar, sometimes they also get a bag into the bowl. This balances the bar again.


You keep tossing bags until someone hits the bottom and gets a point. The game goes until someone gets three points.


You can have more than two people playing at one time for a really wild time. Or you can have pairs take turns.


It generally breaks into a fun chaos of laughing and tossing bags all over the place though. Buts its all good.


The TeeterBag family game folds away neatly when not in use. This makes it great for transportation to BBQs, picnics or family get togethers such as we had in Michigan. My family talked about how great this would be to take down to the races as well.


TeeterBag folds neatly away for transportation


You can get your TeeterBag game by contacting Michael on his channel, email or phone number.


Its a really cool family game.


Check out the TeeterBag channel here:

TeeterBag The Family Game


You can watch today's video here: TeeterBag A Game Made In Michigan By A Fellow YouTuber


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