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Preparing To Move To A New Homestead & Sold Our Animals

Melanie and I are moving to Michigan to be closer to family now that a baby is on the way. We are selling off all of our larger items that we cannot take with us on the trip. We will continue on with daily videos and off grid homesteading but in a new location.


We sold our goats the previous day to someone who wants to keep them for dairy. They will be cared for now and we do not have to worry about them. The goats are too large for us to take across the country so we had to make this decision.


Today we sold our entire flock of chickens. It was a very sad day for us because we hand raised these birds from one day old. We kept them in our off grid tiny house on wheels and Felix the cat would sit with them and play with them every day. They are lovely and gentle birds. We had about 30 chickens in all and they never fought or pecked one another. There were mixed breeds and sizes but they always got along well.


Empty chicken run after selling off all our birds


The birds went to a safe home where they will be free ranged and left to live out their lives in peace. The turkey went with them. He thinks he is a chicken anyway.




It is very quiet on the off grid homestead now without all the animals. It is also sad. We keep looking for the animals during the day but they are gone. You dont realize how often you look to your animals until they are gone.


Melanie and I are packing up our things and getting ready for a move. We dont have a place to go yet but we are getting ready. We have to sell off everything we can in order to have money for the trip. We are also trying to sell the tiny house and the land so have money for a new home.


The other day I also sold all the scrap generators I had laying around. This gave us some cash for our move. Now with the sale of the chickens we had some extra cash for moving boxes. We went into town to get some plastic totes and cardboard moving boxes.


We are hoping to get everything neatly packed up early so that when the day for the move comes, we will not be stressed.


It was 68 degrees today so we had great weather for packing our belongings. The sun was shining on the solar panels and the batteries were in float mode by the afternoon hours.


I have been ill due to the stress of the move so my videos are a bit shorter recently. Hope you understand.

You can watch today's video here: Sad Day At The Homestead All Our Babies Are Gone


While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget.

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