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Selling Our Tiny House For Only $5k

My wife and I have decided to move out of our tiny house and off the land in the woods. We will buy a property with a normal house, septic and well so that we can raise our child in peace. We are going to leave the tiny house movement but we will continue making daily videos of off grid homesteading.


Living in a tiny house means some battles along the way. That was not a problem for me until we found out that a child was on the way. Even then, normally it would not be a problem but with my enemies trying to destroy my life, we must leave the off grid homestead and find a new location which we will keep secret.


The off grid tiny house on wheels is quite beautiful inside. I built it using mostly reclaimed lumber and some barn wood. The walls are about 7 inches thick and have radiant foil inside. This is a heat barrier which keeps the hot summer heat outside and the winter heat inside the tiny house. It is very effective and reduces the amount of fuel required to heat the tiny house in winter. It also makes it easy to keep cool in summer.


Tiny House Living Room




During the winter when using the wood stove we actually have to keep windows open to keep the temperature down inside the off grid tiny house because the walls are so well insulated. We burn about 1.5 cubic feet of fire wood in 24 hours on an average day with the wood stove in here.


The wood stove is a Better N Bens which you can literally dial in to the temperature you want in the tiny house. It is so easy to control and so very efficient. The tiny house has been very cozy through the three winters I have had it. The stove pipe is triple wall stainless steel insulated pipe which allows a reduced clearance to any flammable materials to a mere few inches. This also keeps the heat in the pipes and reduces creosote buildup.


The interior paneling is made out of reclaimed lumber that I cut into paneling on a table saw. I then hand coated the walls in three coats of pure food grade mineral oil to preserve and protect the wood. It is very beautiful. The kitchen is made using all clean HT (Heat Treated) pallet wood that was used one time as crates. I planed it to make it even more clean and to expose the beautiful grain and colors of the wood inside. I then hand coated that as well with three coats of pure mineral oil to bring out the grain and colors and preserve the wood.


The kitchen counter is all real wood that I put together myself and layered with many coats of polyurethane three years ago.


Tiny House Kitchen Walls


Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets


Tiny House Kitchen


The stove is propane and the sink is a huge double side by side with a good faucet and sprayer. The bathroom is all porcelain and brass. The shower is nice sized and is actually larger than most apartment showers I have seen. The toilet is an Airhead Composting Toilet that cost $1,000 in itself.


Tiny house shower and composting toilet (before paneling was finished)


Tiny house bathroom walls after paneling was installed


The size of the off grid tiny house is 10 x 24 on the exterior and about 12 feet high. The loft is nearly a full loft with almost 5 feet of head room at the high side allowing you to run through the place crouched down. The upstairs is divided into three rooms with an office on one end which is closed off except for the doorway. A few feet was left open from the loft to allow sunlight to enter the huge window upstairs and shine down into the living room below. This worked very well and allows heat to travel easily as needed.


Tiny House Loft Railing


View of tiny house living area and loft above


I always said that this house would have to be put on a new trailer or a flat bed to haul out of here so the person who buys this will have to get it hauled out.


The floor of the off grid tiny house is insulated with Rockwool which is a mineral insulation and resists insects, mice and mold. Moisture will not effect the insulating qualities of Rockwool. Also the bottom half of the entire house is insulated with Rockwool insulation while the loft is insulated with standard insulation. The idea was to prevent rodents and insects in the walls.


To further prevent mice I covered the entire bottom of the tiny house with sheet metal and wrapped it over the floor joists up 6 inches. This has kept mice out of the tiny house very well all these years.

The floor is warm and cozy to walk on in winter and this is very valuable to me.


The ceiling has breathing vents above 6 inches of insulation. The roof is all sheet metal roofing with a 30 year guaranty.


To this day I have never had any leaks in the tiny house on wheels and the walls and floor are still air tight and dry inside.


The windows are all double pane and in good working order.


I used some 100 year old barn wood to make shelves and posts in the tiny house. The hand rails upstairs are all hand made using reclaimed wood and look beautiful.


To finish the off grid tiny house all you need is to finish the exterior siding and some interior trim. You can put doors on the cabinets if you desire because I never got to that yet. The floor is plywood and I was going to put down hard wood flooring using pallet wood. You can put down what you like though. The floor is solid and firm.


I am only asking $5,000 for our tiny house because we are moving to another state and cannot take the house with us. We just do not have the funds to move it. Anyone who knows tiny homes is aware of the price that these go for and at 5k this is a steal.


Please contact me if you are interesting in buying our off grid tiny house.

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