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Lithium Jump Starter Pack From Noco Really Works

I have the NOCO Genius Power Boost GB40 Lithium jump starter pack which I have been using heavily in the past couple months. This is a light weight car jump starter which really works well. It has started everything I tossed at it during this time.


I had my doubts if such a device could really start a vehicle with a dead battery at first. I did not think these little things could be of any use at all. Its so small. I am used to the heavy 20 to 30 pound lead acid jump starters which you have to lug around for jumping a dead vehicle. These take up a huge space in your trunk. This little pack is a tiny fraction of the size of a jump starter. Actually the company says it is 8x smaller and lighter than the standard lead acid jump starter. And they claim it can give up to 20 jump starts.


NOCO Genius Power Boost GB40NOCO Genius Power Boost GB40


My first real test was to take it out camping in the tent with Melanie. We ran a USB LED light rated at around 3-5 watts for about 5 hours. At this point the battery was at 50% of charge. With the small size and light weight of this boost pack it is convenient to take on trips or hiking to keep phones charged and for light at night. And since it can be recharged with a USB port we can charge it back up during the day using a folding USB solar panel. This is very convenient.




The next test was to jump start the Suzuki Quad Master 500 with the NOCO Genius Boost. I did not really expect it to work at all. But to my surprise I was cranking on the starter over and over for a very long time before the booster ran out of power. The Suzuki has a dead battery and a blown head gasket. It starts hard when not used for a while. I actually did get it running in the end but that was right after shutting off the camera.


Genius Boost GB40 starting a quadGenius Boost GB40 starting a quad


When you connect the Genius Boost GB40 there will be a white light that turns on. This device has a reverse polarity protection built in and cannot be damaged when connected wrong. It will just not turn on the output until you switch it around correctly. This protects your battery, boost pack and vehicle electronics from damage. This is a great feature.


After this I tried the NOCO GB40 on my old Simplicity garden tractor. This is a beast to start. It always takes a long time to get the fuel to flow up to the front of the engine. It has a long pathway from the rear of the machine to the front. I cranked for a while on the garden tractor and the power booster did its job. I was very surprised at how long this lasts when cranking on it.


But the real test was going to be starting my car. I have a 99 Olds Aurora which was sitting for three months. The battery died on me fully. There was nothing left in the battery. This was upsetting because it was a brand new battery not long ago. If the booster could start my Olds then I would really be surprised.


I connected the NOCO Genius Boost to the Olds battery and let it sit a minute. When I turned the key in the car, the engine turned over slowly. This car automatically turns on the headlights, heater blower, interior lights and all kinds of junk the second you turn on the key. I find this wasteful and annoying when trying to start a car. Nothing like putting way too much strain on your battery. So when the car fired up I was really surprised and impressed with the Genius Boost.

This device has the following specs:


USB chargeable with an included cigarette lighter adapter and USB charging cable.

USB output rated at 2.1 Amps

LED light with 100 Lumens

1,000 Amps starting current

24 Watt Hours Lithium battery

7,000 Joules starting energy

Smart sensor - sparkless connection - reverse polarity protection


The boost pack comes with a carrying case, USB cable, cigarette lighter adapter, handbook, boost pack and jumper cables. The cables are thicker than the other boost packs I have tested out in the last year. I have had three others in my hands during this period and did not share any of them with you. I was not impressed. But with the NOCO Genius boost I am quite impressed.


The GB40 can start up to a 6 liter gas engine or a 3 liter diesel. My Olds has a powerful 350 engine and this device started it with nearly no battery at all. I can tell you it works as claimed.


I would highly recommend this to others. It is the best jump starter pack I have tried in all my years. It beats out lead acid battery packs by far. And another benefit of this booster over others is that it can be charged up to 1,000 times and is not harmed by not being used for a while. It holds its charge longer than a lead acid battery. And lead acid battery boosters require constant maintenance or it will be destroyed in a year. This is very common with lead acid packs. The Genius Boost can be left in the trunk and used when needed.


Get the NOCO Genius Power Boost from the banner links above or at this link here: NOCO Genius Power Boost On Amazon


You can watch today's video here: Noco Genius Lithium Jump Starter Starts Everything I Throw At It


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