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Milk Kefir A Healthy Organic Probiotic Drink And Dairy Product

I ordered some Milk Kefir grains quite some time ago and started to learn about their use and care. Now that we have used it daily for months, Melanie demonstrates how to use it and we share with you what we have learned about this healthy organic probiotic dairy product.

Milk Kefir consists of up to hundreds of various bacteria and yeasts which feed on milk and lactose in the milk. This culture is a living thing that makes the nutrients in milk more readily available to our bodies. These are probiotic and are actually beneficial to our digestive system.

Milk Kefir grains will grow and continue to multiply with time. This allows you to either eat it, freeze it for later use or give it away to family and friends. When properly cared for Milk Kefir can last for generations. Each culture is different from another based on environment and other factors. Throughout history milk kefir grains were coveted and the grains carefully protected by each family.




Caring for and using milk kefir is really easy though. All you have to do is add a bit more milk daily for the kefir to feed on. The kefir stays in a dark place at room temperature for best health. Every third day we filter out the kefir grains and put the milk culture in the fridge for later use. The kefir grains are then placed into a clean container and room temperature milk is added to it. The process starts over again.

Milk Kefir cultures start out as a watery milk on the first day. It tastes a little bit sour at this time. If you let it sit longer, on the second day the milk culture is slightly thickened. By the third day the milk kefir is about the thickness of runny yoghurt. We love to use this yoghurt product in our smoothies, on cereal and in baking.


Milk KefirMilk Kefir

Melanie loves milk kefir as a replacement for most dairy products used in baked goods. The kefir makes a good sour dough starter, yoghurt, buttermilk and more. You can process it in different ways to replace most of your common dairy products.

Milk Kefir can be drank pure on a daily basis for its health benefits or you can let it age like we do. The yoghurt like substance goes into the fridge. We use this just about every day though either in our breakfast or in baked goods.


We had enough Milk Kefir at the making of this video that we were able to give some to my Mom. There was enough in her half to share with two other people as well.


When you first order Milk Kefir online it will be in a sort of dormant state. You have to let some milk sit out to reach room temperature before adding the Kefir grains to the milk. At this time, you simply feed the kefir each day until it starts to grow again. After about a week you will see a difference and the Milk Kefir should be fully active again.


You can put the extra Kefir grains in the freezer for one to two years. When you thaw it out, you can wake it back up again in the same way as above. It may take a little bit longer though so be patient.

Back through history people would keep Milk Kefir in an animal stomach by the door. It was usually kept full and the entire family would drink the milk kefir on a daily basis. As someone passed by the door, they would give the pouch a shake. This kept the grains and milk mixed up.


There are many recipes that use Milk Kefir for baking, breakfast or just healthy drinks. Melanie uses Kefir in pancakes, biscuits, pizza dough and much more. She says the pancakes are so much fluffier when using Milk Kefir in them. We both love anything that she has made using it. When baking simply substitute the Kefir for milk in the recipe.


You can watch today's video here: Milk Kefir ~ How To Use It ~ Healthy Organic Probiotic Milk Drink


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