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Snowy Day At The Homestead & Tiny House Work

It was snowing quite heavily today at the off grid homestead so I alternated between shoveling snow outside and working on the tiny house electrical wiring inside.


It started to snow early in the morning. We had some large fluffy snow flakes falling down. It was quite pretty to watch except for the ones that slipped down my back.


Snowy Off Grid HomesteadSnowy Off Grid Homestead


On a normal morning Melanie takes care of the animals while I make my videos live and write articles for the day's work. But on this day Melanie was a bit under the weather so she was in bed. This left the outdoor chores to me as well as my normal daily work. So I grabbed the camera to show you around a bit.


I keep the chicken feed in a large metal bin. This holds two 50 pound bags of chicken feed and keeps the mice out. The lid is not water proof though so I have to cover the cans in order to keep the rain and water out.




The goat hay is stored in a tent off to the side. We give them a chunk of hay each day as needed. They have their pallet wood hay feeder and help themselves to the hay as they want 24/7.


We are using rain water collected off the roof of the greenhouse to water the animals right now because it is the cleanest water that we have on hand.


After caring for the animals I headed out to the greenhouse where I am restoring lead acid batteries on the Bedini motor. I swapped out a battery to be charged and headed back to the off grid tiny house on wheels.


Pallet wood goat feeding stationPallet wood goat feeding station


By the time I got back to the tiny house the solar panels were all covered in white snow. This was not going to be a solar power day at all.


I worked on the tiny house DC wiring today. I drilled a hole in the living room ceiling up to the loft where the main electrical wires run. I put in a cigarette lighter socket by the Quanta Magnetics Q3 Charge Accelerator that I am working on. This will give me a 12 volt power supply as needed when working on the pulse motor charger.

Upstairs in the tiny house loft I mounted a fuse block and connected this to the main power lines. These lines go outside into the battery shed and tie into the large bank of golf cart batteries. I soldered the connections and taped them off for safety.


I also removed the wiring to the tiny house living room indirect LED lighting. I want to rework this and mount the switch into a box at a lower level. I also want to fuse the line and lay the wires nicely.


With running outside to shovel snow all day and working inside on the computer, wiring and other chores, the day passed quite quickly. We got about three inches of snow by the time I put the camera away to edit this video. And the snow was still falling steadily all evening and into the night.

You can watch today's video here: Snowy Off Grid Homestead Day & Tiny House Electrical Work


While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget.

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