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Finished Assembling The Q3 Pulse Motor Generator & First Run

I finished assembly of the Quanta Magnetics Q3 pulse motor section of the motor/generator and got it running for the first time. It took me quite a while to figure out the timing but eventually I got it.


I finished connecting the diodes and solid state relay to the metal plate which holds them. Then I fastened the plate to the side of the pulse motor as indicated in the directions. I used some oil on the screws going into the acrylic because it was a very tight fit and they were self tapping into the plastic. I did not want to mess anything up and take any chances. So I worked very slowly, letting the screws cool down after every few turns.


Finishing Assembly Of Quanta Charge Accelerator Pulse MotorFinishing Assembly Of Quanta Charge Accelerator Pulse Motor


I used crimp on end connectors to make all the connections between the pulse motor coils and the bridge rectifier sets. This will allow me to make changes and adjustments later on for experimentation purposes.




Next I connected all the drive wires using crimp on end connectors as well. The instructions show a way to use jumper wires to make these connections so that they can later be changed but I prefer using the crimp connectors. To allow for multiple crimp on connectors per rectifier lead I used some Y adapters. This gives me two connections per lead on the bridge rectifier pins. This will allow a lot of different connections for experimentation.


Finished Wiring Pulse Motor CoilsFinished Wiring Pulse Motor Coils


First I connected a fully dead battery to the output of the pulse motor. This is a pulse motor with 12 coils so there will be two charging pulses each time a magnet passes a coil. There is the motor drive pulse and its collapsing field and then there is the field generated by a magnet passing by a coil generating a pulse.


I gave the rotor a spin by hand and connected a volt meter to the dead battery leads to see what would happen. As expected the voltage began to rise.


I did not have any good batteries laying around other than a six volt camera battery so I used it to power the pulse motor on the run side. I had a very dead 12 volt battery on the charging side. This battery was about 0.5 volts before I began.


I got the motor running after much trial and error and experimentation. Finally, after trouble shooting I had all the drive wires off the electronics but for one single coil. The motor was running but very slowly. It was pulsing one time per rotation of the rotor. I could not believe how slow it was running. And of course it was slowly charging the dead battery.


It took me about three hours to get the timing figured out. In the end I took the timing reed switch in my hand and moved it around until I had the motor running. Then I knew where to set the depth of the timing disk in relation to the relay and where on the wheel to place the relay in relation to a coil.

By turning the timing disk I can vary the speed of the motor. I can also change the speed by moving the relay closer or farther from a timing magnet. Each of these actions also has an effect on the charging output of the pulse motor on the charging battery.


Quanta Magnetics Q3 Pulse Motor RunningQuanta Magnetics Q3 Pulse Motor Running


I will need to get some analog meters and an oscilloscope in order to really tune this machine properly for best output charging at the lowest run current.


This is not a magic device. If you remove power it will stop turning. It may be able to desulfate lead acid batteries using the pulsed outputs of the pulse motor circuits. It may cause a battery to be able to be charged faster. But make no mistake - this does not violate any laws of physics as some claim. Remove power. Motor stops running.


But the idea is to tune this device to get the maximum output charge while using the least amount of current to power the pulse motor. I hope that I can figure it out. I can already see that there are unlimited possibilities for experimentation and I have only just begun.


You can watch today's video here: Quanta Q3 Pulse Motor Charger Assembly Finished & Running


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