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Working With A Battery I Restored On The Bedini SSG

I have a lead acid battery that I just finished restoring on the old Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. I just took it off the Bedini charge and let it rest all day. Already it is doing work at half an amp steady.


This was an old battery jump starter that was reading nothing at all on the meter when I pressed the battery test button. This battery was so dead that there was nothing to move the meter.


I put it on the Bedini motor to pulse charge it for a few days. I have shown on the last few videos how it was charging up with time. Over about 4 or 5 days it finally got up to 13.5 volts so I disconnected it from the pulse charge motor and let it rest.


In the mean time I hooked up the next jump starter pack waiting in line to be restored. I have a bunch of these. Some I bought through the years and some I get for free. These make great power backup systems for emergency, camping or low power conditions in our off grid tiny house on wheels.




After an entire day of rest I put it back to work again. I intentionally let it rest all day because of many unbelievers who claim that this pulse charger will not restore batteries and that it cannot work at all. Some people think that I was only showing the battery voltage under charge but not after resting for a while. Well, I figure an entire day of rest is good enough to prove that it is really holding a charge.


Restored lead acid battery doing work againRestored lead acid battery doing work again


It was still up near about 13 volts when I put it to work that evening on the dining room table. I had it powering my larger pulse motor generator for hours at half an amp the entire time.


I let it run all evening until later in the night when I finally shut everything down. The battery was just under 12 volts at that time.


It gave me about 2 to 3 amp hours of real work during that time I figure. This is not fully restored but it sure beats being flat out dead and not taking any charge at all anymore with the standard charger.


Most likely with a few more charge and discharge cycles on the Bedinin motor this old battery will be as good as new again. I will keep you all updated on the status of this battery as I restore it fully.


Last night (I did not show this on video) I let the battery rest a bit and then plugged it into a standard trickle wall charger. I left it plugged in overnight to see what would happen. Remember this battery would not charge at all with a standard charger. This morning it was holding a good, normal voltage at 12.8 volts after resting for an hour.

I will cycle it again on the pulse motor generator today to drain it back down and then take it back out to the greenhouse and put it back on the Bedini motor for some more desulfating.


The Bedini motor can desulfate lead acid batteries and bring them back into service again. Sometimes the battery can be brought back to good as new condition. This can be done if there is no fluid loss or physical damage to the battery.


I spent most of the day working on batteries this day. I have to get the off grid tiny house cleaned up. I have tools and electronics all over the place right now and we cannot use the place really. Since I started to build the pulse motor generator we have been eating our meals on the couch because the table was covered in tools and the pulse motor.


I hope to get the Quanta Magnetics Q3 Charge Accelerator (pulse motor/generator) finished soon and get the tiny house cleaned up. Melanie has been patient with me so far but I do not want to push my luck.


You can watch today's video here: Battery That I Restored Is Doing Work Now


While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget.

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