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Awesome Solar Power & Building Magnet Separator

The day started out with a clear blue sky and we had some awesome solar power production at the off grid homestead. I am still restoring lead acid batteries in our greenhouse with the Bedini motor. Chris is splitting fire wood outside.


The day alternated between sunny and bright or dark and rainy. It was strange. The wind was gusting at times up to 15 mph steady and 30 mph gusts. Later the wind dropped down to just about 4 mph steady with gusts. But our solar panels were pumping out the power at up to 50 amps at one time. Our power inverter kept complaining of an over voltage condition on and off throughout the day due to the solar battery bank being topped off.


I plugged the freezer in to bring down the voltage a bit and use some of the extra solar power that was being produced on this day. The freezer was at about 14 degrees F. When it is running, it stays below 0 degrees.




Chris was outside most of the day working on the wood pile. He was using the chop saw to cut kindling wood. We use everything out here at the off grid homestead. Even the branches of trees get cut up for later use.


The fish in the off grid greenhouse aquaponics tank are still alive. The ones that survived the ick disease from the fish store and then the freeze this winter are doing well. Chris feeds them for us each day.


Off grid tiny house solar power chargers and controlsOff grid tiny house solar power chargers and controls


I am working on lead acid batteries in the greenhouse. The old Bedini motor is restoring old badly sulfated lead acid batteries to bring them back into full use again. Right now the battery that is currently being restored is sitting at 12.86 volts. This is a battery that was flat out dead and would not register on the volt meter when you pressed the test button. Another day or so and this battery can be put back into service.


The greenhouse temperature hit almost 70 degrees today with the sun shining intermittently. Outside it was 58 degrees F at one point. I had the curtains open to let the sun shine in fully and warm things up in there nicely.


I am working on the Quanta Magnetics Q3 charge accelerator motor. This is like a huge Bedini motor and should restore old lead acid batteries even faster. My hopes are to keep the off grid tiny house battery bank in good working condition for many years to come.

I had to make a magnet separator in order to remove a magnet from the stack that came with the pulse motor/generator kit. There were 12 magnets to be used with this kit. They are very strong Neo 52 magnets and you just cannot easily and safely separate them without the risk of breaking one or cutting yourself.


I used a scrap piece of 2x4 lumber, a piece of 1/2x4 and a piece of 1x2 to make a magnet separator. This is a simple thing that looks sort of like a paper cutter. You put a magnet under the blade while holding the rest of the stack in one hand. By pressing down on the blade arm you can push a magnet off the stack. The magnet then falls down and you can retrieve it safely and easily.


It got dark and cloudy later on and night came early to the off grid homestead.


You can watch today's video here: Awesome Solar Power & Built A Magnet Separating Tool


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