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Q3 Charge Accelerator - Pulse Motor Work Continues

Work on the Quanta Magnetics Q3 Charge Accelerator continues. I am excited about getting this running as soon as possible. I hope that it will, at the very least, desulfate lead acid batteries for our off grid homestead.


First I finished assembly of the electronics control board. This holds the bridge rectifier diodes and the solid state relays. I did not have the tools ready the other day to fasten things properly.


I then finished soldering the second stator half of the pulse motor part of the device. I had the first half sitting in front of me so that I could use it for a reference. The assembly manual says to make the two mirror images of one another so I did just that.




While soldering wires together I used heat shrink tubing to protect the exposed ends. This makes a safe, electricity resistant barrier to protect the wires from shorting out one day. And it helps keep the solder joint safe from rattling around too much, which could break wires or the solder joint itself.


Partial assembly of the Q3 pulse motor sectionPartial assembly of the Q3 pulse motor section


Since I cannot find my hot air gun, which I have not used in many years, I used my soldering iron to carefully heat up the heat shrink tubing. This can be done if you are careful not to touch the soldering iron to the tubing itself. This would melt or burn a hole in it.


Next I used a micro fiber cloth and polished the acrylic parts to remove all my finger prints and dirt before asembly of the pieces.


I put on the frame bolts and slid the stator half into place. It slipped on with ease. The bolts holding the coils slide right through the holes in the back of the motor frame.


I reworked the magnet timing assembly and mounted it on the motor shaft better.


You can watch the video of today's work here: Finishing Q3 Pulse Motor Stator Wiring & Partial Assembly


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