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Updates On The Off Grid Homestead

After a few days of working on the pulse motor/battery desulfator I give you an update on things at the off grid homestead. It is a beautiful warm, sunny day and the solar power battery banks are topping off nicely.


I was able to walk around in a T-shirt because the sun was shining brightly and it was nearly 50 degrees F outside. This is very unusual for a mid January day around here. Normally we have deep freezing temperatures in the teens and single digits. But I am not complaining. It sure feels good.


The sun was shining all day and the solar power battery bank was getting a badly needed charge. We have not seen much sun the last few weeks so any sunlight these days is a huge blessing.


Our off grid solar power electronics


I finally got my weather station working again. After many tries, resetting both the sending and receiving units, I finally got them to sync again. I use the weather station heavily out here so it is good to have it back. Living off the grid and in the forest, the weather can affect you greatly. Especially since we work outside all the time.




Chris was back at the off grid homestead today. He had a rough winter but he is feeling better today. He has been running the log splitter and splitting logs for next year's fire wood.


All the animals are alive and well. We have not lost any chickens due to bad weather or predators since we finished putting up the electric fence aroud the birds. The goats are happily chewing hay and enjoying the unusual warm day.


I have been working full, long days recently on this pulse motor/generator which should be able to extend the life of my solar power battery bank. Many of my YouTube viewers are actually angry with me for "wasting their time" on this device but what they do not realize is how important keeping your battery bank healthy is. When you are off the grid and have a solar power battery bank you must keep it in the best of shape or you will be replacing batteries often.


This device has the potential to keep our off grid solar battery bank going for the rest of our lives. This is like a gigantic battery desulfator. There are many commercial battery desulfators on the market but most are designed to maintain a single battery. This device may be able to maintain our entire battery bank of nearly 1,000 AH capacity. An off grid homestead could save tens of thousands of dollars with this device.


I will be getting back to normal daily videos now and I will show the pulse motor build as a second video each day for those who want to see that.


You can watch today's video here: And Now We Return You To Your Regular Programming


While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget.

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