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Why Pulse Motor Desulfator Is Important To Off Grid Homesteads

Why is a pulse motor/battery desulfator important to an off grid homestead. This is a device which can restore sulfated lead acid batteries to like new condition or even better. I explain why here.


As I work on the Q3 charge accelerator many people are asking me why this is taking priority on the off grid homestead. Many people want to see "normal" homesteading activities instead of me "playing around" with this device.


The Q3 charge accelerator from Quanta Magnetics is a pulse motor something like the Bedini motor. It sends pulses of high voltage energy into a lead acid battery. These high energy pulses break up the lead sulfation on the plates inside the battery.


As a battery ages some of the sufuric acid inside the battery chemically combines with the lead on the battery plates, forming crystals which block the transfer of energy, slowly killing the battery. Eventually the battery loses its usable energy until one day you have to replace it.




If you could find a way to remove those crystals and restore the battery to like new condition then you would also be excited. I have used my little homemade Bedini motor for years now and restored many small 7 to 12 AH lead acid batteries. My Bedini motor is very small and weak though so it cannot do much for a larger battery like my off grid tiny house golf cart batteries.


For this huge battery bank I need a larger pulse motor/battery desulfator.


Enter the Q3 charge accelerator from Quanta Magnetics.


This thing is a huge beast in comparison to my little homemade Bedini motor. I figure it is about 100 times more powerful than my little pulse motor, if not more. This machine could be the answer to my problems in keeping off grid batteries in good working condition long term.


There are many pulse battery desulfators on the market today. You can buy a battery desulfator from $20 on up. These are common commercially available devices which can help keep good working batteries from collecting lead sulfate crystals on their plates. But I have not heard of any of these devices being able to restore a badly sulfated battery to like new condition. This is probably due to their small power output and size. Most take their energy from the very same battery they are desulfating. This cannot be efficient in any way.


The commercial battery desulfators are too small to restore a large bank of batteries. There is just way too much surface area on the lead battery plates for these little devices to have any effect on such large batteries. Therefore many people say that these do not work period. This is not true. There has been much research and many studies have been done to prove that this can extend the life of a lead acid battery.


RC (remote control) enthusiasts know that pulsing high voltage spikes into a battery can break up the crystals inside the battery. RC enthusiasts have been pulsing their rechargeable batteries for years in order to get a little bit more life out of them. Most rechargeable batteries can build up crystals inside which act as shorts, reducing the usable energy in them. The crystals build up until the battery becomes useless. By pulsing high voltage spikes into the battery, you can break up these crystals, giving the battery some more usable life.


Restored lead acid battery

Restore sulfated batteries

Desulfate lead acid batteriesSome lead acid batteries I have restored through the years


My little Bedini motor is able to restore very badly sulfated lead acid batteries to like new condition. I have picked up old discarded lead acid batteries in the dump which only had 0.5 volts in them at the time. Some of these batteries are still in good shape 7 years later. With a standard conventional battery charger this is just not possible. That is why the batteries were tossed in the first place.


Homemade Bedini MotorMy first ever homemade Bedini SSG motor made from all scrap parts


Bedini Motor made from computer parts

Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor made out of old computer and printer parts


People can rant and rave all they want against this but the fact is that it works. All the ranting in the World will not change the facts.


Now a battery starts to collect lead sulfate on its plates from the moment it is manufactured and acid is added to it. Any time a battery sits unused or is not constantly kept in a fully charged condition lead sulfate starts to form on its plates. As the battery sits in the warehouse, is shipping in trucks, sits on the shelf in the store waiting for you to buy it, lead sulfation is forming on the plates.


By the time you get the battery, although it is "new", it has some sulfation on the plates.

This is why a pulse motor/battery desulfator can acctually give you more usable energy than when the battery was "new". It breaks up the lead sulfation on the plates of the battery, actually giving you more usable energy than it had the day you broght it home. There is no magic here. Just common chemistry.


For any off grid homestead which uses lead acid batteries to run their home, a battery desulfator is a very important thing. Sadly it is a very little known fact due to all the ranting and raving against the technology. Most people just will not believe it. I compare this to the pioneers of science and exploration back hundreds of years ago. Just imagine how they mocked the man who said the World was round and not flat. Just imagine if nobody persued their visions just because of the naysayers.


Every off grid home should have a large scale battery desulftor on their battery bank. Imagine how many batteries would be saved from the landfill. How many thousands of dollars a family could save through the years if they understood, believed, and used these devices.


This is why I am so excited about using the Q3 charge accelerator which can desulfate lead acid batteries.


Now this device is called a charge accelerator for a reason. But this is way beyond the scope of today's article. I will spare you this for now. Maybe in a future article we will come back to this.

You can watch today's video here: Why Pulse Motor Desulfator Is Good For An Off Grid Homestead


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